Evening of Roses

There was a fire under the train tracks yesterday. No one was hurt, thank goodness, but my commute from downtown to Evanston went from 50ish minutes to 4ish hours. As you might imagine, the train car was packed, sweltering hot, and smelled of body odor and fried chicken. And not the good kind of friend chicken, either. 

By the time my feet hit solid ground, I was just about ready to explode.

…Lucky for me, my walk home included a stroll through a public rose garden. It’s always a pretty little swath of park, but last night must have been the peak of the season. I’m telling you, no lie, there must have been thousands of roses in bloom, each of them beautiful than the next, each of them smelling so much better than fried chicken.

I always try my best to always appreciate whatever nuggets of beauty I can find in the course of my day, but yesterday, of all days, I have never been more grateful for those roses. 

The park has every color rose you can imagine, but I have a fondness for big fat pink roses!


  1. says

    How nice to have the park there. I’m glad you had the respite on the way home. And when you got home, Lola was there (did she bring you a drink and your slippers?) I find my cats to be great stress relievers. It is just so calming to pet a warm and fuzzy feline.

  2. says

    Those were the most luscious roses I’ve seen in ages. After a couple of days dealing with a sick kid, an exhausted husband, and screaming allergies culminating in a rather embarrassing case of car sickness, I really REALLY needed a little peace–even if it was just a visual day-trip. Thanks for the eye-balm!

  3. Looklita says

    Of course you like the big fat pink ones.

  4. Tinah says

    Very nice! I have a rose bush similar to the last one pictured, and it brings me great joy!

  5. says

    Gorgeous pictures, I can almost smell those roses! What a fab fountain, too. Your commute must have been horrid, thank goodness for the little ray of soft pink fragrant light at the end of it.

  6. PeachesFreund says

    No, actually, Lola did not bring me a drink and my slippers (the nerve?!)…but she made up for it with a cuddle 🙂 Cats are the best at detecting and soothing frazzled nerves, no?

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  8. Michele says

    Your day gives new meaning to the expression “a sight for soar eyes (or nose, as the case may be)”. 🙂

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