The Zebra Rug

Good News: My ten-plus years of fantasizing about owning a zebra print rug are now over. Thanks to a 75% off sale with free shipping from Rugs USA, I got an 8’x10’ zebra print rug for $65, delivered in less than four days. Woot!

Bad News: No less than 30 seconds after I unrolled it, Lola marched right to the center of the rug and threw up all over it. Thanks, Lola.
Good News: That part about “easy to clean” was no lie. Just hot water and a little dish soap – looks good as new. 
More Good News: Lola apparently wasn’t finished, as just when I went to the kitchen to toss out the soapy paper towel, she walked right back to the rug and threw up again. It’s a good thing I liked this thing or I would be feeling hella guilty trying to return a rug twice graced with cat vomit.
That poor rug. 
Just look at her face – you can tell she is going back for more.
PS: If anyone else is looking to buy an area rug, Rugs USA is still offering 35% off  and free shipping on most of their modern rugs. It’s worth a gander. 
PPS: As if talking about cat vomit didn’t make it obvious enough: this is not a sponsored post. I just like a good bargain. In general, if I see an especially good sale going on I’ll post it on facebook – follow me here.


  1. Fil says

    See you have a bulimic cat too? lol Mine is white and throws up more food than she eats. Enjoying your posts:))

  2. nutbirds says

    Just read the post again. Buy a second rug to use when you have company. That is a great price. Go ahead, order it.

  3. nutbirds says

    Clean it really well with Pet Stain Resolve. My neighbors bought a great oriental at one of the church white elephant sales. Their cats Had to go to the bathroom on it, and then had to keep doing it in the same spot. They were attracted to the smell. Nice rug.

  4. says

    I have a couple of nice rugs laid over the top of the ‘came with the apartment’ carpet. There’s tile in the bathroom and linoleum in the kitchen. Invariably Pedro and Fuzzles throw up on my rugs. Never on the tile, lino or the ‘will be removed when I move out’ carpet. Sigh. As I type this, Pedro is having a good clean of his nether regions while sitting on the table, on top of the tea cozy I’m working on. Sigh.

  5. Linda Yeung says

    It looks like Lola is working up a hair ball for future rug deposits!

  6. PeachesFreund says

    NICE. I wonder if your Bob and Loki are in on a conspiracy with Lola. I would not put it past them to make a coordinated effort!

  7. El Cee says

    (Doing the little dance-cheer) Go Lola! Go Lola!
    p.s. She is just doing a little kitty-cat bonding

  8. Kathryn Humphreys says

    Ha! I got one of their 75% off deals too, although mine has yet to arrive. I will keep the paper towels handy in case my cat (or children) decide to similarly christen mine.

  9. says

    Babycakes (I love saying that!),
    I found the most amazing woven rug featuring a motif with a willow and a few duckies in the charity shop not too long ago.
    I had it down less that 2 days when Bob decided to spray on it.
    As you do.
    Off into the washer, managed to dry it in what I lovingly call “summer weather” (you know, when the rain stops long enough to give you a glimpse of what could be, just to come back worse than ever before) and put it back.
    It took Loki about 20 minutes to spray on it.
    Wash, rinse, repeat.
    This time the glory lasted almost three days, and then Erin was sick all over the goddamn thing.
    It’s stored away for future use as wall decor now.
    With cats, we simply can’t win. Ever.

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