Door Painting

Thank you to everyone for the input on my living room doors.

I took your advice and settled on Glidden’s Peacock Blue, a vibrant dark turquoise/teal kind of color (although it looks sort of like TARDIS blue in these photos). Either way, I like it. And the pop of tomato red along the edge makes me feel so snazzy. And really, isn’t that what counts most in this scenario?

Next: The dining room. It’s powder pink with white wainscoting. I’m thinking Kermit Green, but we shall see…


  1. says

    Oh yeah!! That looks AWESOME!! And I commend you on the TARDIS reference… 😀

  2. Jmarieniles says

    isn’t that a great color?? i have the exact color on my doors.. i have to say i also have a gliddens peacock blue end table now as well.. and am constantly scanning to decide where to use the last remaining bit of paint in the bottom of the can. they look great.

  3. nutbirds says

    Louboutin Doors! Now about the dining room. You have all the paint by numbers in there, so many of those will go with any color. Your dishes are blue and white, aren’t they? That won’t go so well with Kermit green. However, Robert Carrier owned Hintlesham Hall maybe in Essex or north of that about thirty years ago. His main dining room was a darker green, but not hunter or Dartmouth. He covered the walls with blue and white china. I’m concerned the green won’t flow with the Fribble (sorry, a really old Friendly’s reference )color in the living room and the orange sofa. Post your color choices and put it to a vote. Pick a nice green from a chintz.
    I think you might have started a trend for two toned doors. I’m pinning them.

  4. celine boyer says

    ohhh i love the red touch with the blue ! bravo ! splendide !

  5. Hushgirl says

    that little bit of red really makes it. if a door could be sexy this one is, it reminds me of the stilettos with the red soles!

  6. kelly gibson says

    kermit green with pink and white! that sounds divine. i love the way the turquoise turned out. and the red makes it even more spectacular.

  7. susie carranza says

    LOVE the color! ooh, i wanna paint my studio (a.k.a. office space) that color. and the pop of red is awesome!

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