15 October 2012

Dollar Store Skeleton Wreath

Watch out, Halloween is going glitzy!

I made this nifty skeleton wreath just before I left for Mississippi. I'm sort of amazed nobody stole it off the front door seeing as it looks like a million bucks. A boney, cannibalistic, golden ringlet of a million bucks.

Note, generally speaking, I try to restrict my posts to projects that I thought of myself, or at least stuff that has a significantly special twist. This isn't one of them. This is one of those projects I saw on Pinterest and five minutes later I was out the door to hunt for supplies. And that is the good news: you can get all the supplies in one place. I bought 5 plastic skeletons, one wreath base and a bag of hot glue sticks at the Dollar Tree. Grand total $7. If I hadn't already owned gold spray paint and a glue gun, I probably could have bought them there too. It took ten minutes to assemble, two minutes to paint, a night to dry...and boom you're in business.

Now get on over to Tried & True to see how this gorgeous creepy thing is made.



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