30 November 2012

Bramble Patch: November 2012

Imma brag for a second. I made the ornament below out of plastic straws thanks to a workshop at the Lithuanian Museum a couple of weeks ago. Even though I made a Himmeli chandelier last summer, this thing was easily the toughest craft project I have undertaken in twenty years! Are you up for it? Want to start making your own? Listen to this gal.   

Here is a quick list of other happy distractions I collected over the last month. 

Ten simple things to make you happier at home (hint: none of them have to do with how things look).

An easy way to marbelize. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

Beware the dangers of Glitter Lung! For real. (Not really).

Cat ladies! Who is up for group tour of Fukuoa Japan? I'm in! Be sure to view with the soundtrack.

How do you write your name in Llama? This is how. 

50 ways to tie a scarf. 

Unicorn leggings? Oh Hell Yes.

Speaking of leggings...my adolescent dream of being in Seventeen magazine came true this month. Sorta.

What does it take to decorate the White House for Christmas? How does the 400 pound gingerbread White House come about? And more important, what does Bo the dog think about it?

Two words my friends: bow lamp.

Victorian Christmas ornaments made from paperThe Graphics Fairy is a great source for this stuff.

What your toddler's teacher will never say to your face. PS: This came to me from a secret pre-school teacher friend who specifically asked me to spread the word here. So, you're welcome, Karen.

Next time you need to deep clean your house, remember this link. Also, here are 33 meticulous cleaning tricks for the OCD person inside you. Side note: Did you know that 80% of household dust is made of human skin? Yeah. Who is in the mood for cleaning NOW? Thought so.

I love phone photo challenges. This one geared toward gratitude is perfect this time of year.

Last but not least in November, a Hipster Thanksgiving:


  1. I have already pinned all the Jillee cleaning tips. Plus the 33 tips. I vacuumed my mattress yesterday. I didn't have time to dust it with baking soda however. Did you know that the dimples in the mattress pick up lint? I forgot the trick about floating a piece of Mr. Clean sponge in the toilet. I bought one for an unknown use. I have lots of hard water, so I'll let you know if it works.

  2. This Lithuanian thing would have been even more beautiful using the birch bark straws from Terrain.com

  3. Thank you so much for the cleaning links- I like to wash stuff & collect cleaning tips

  4. That ornament looks great--but difficult to make!
    Thanks for reminding me about the Graphics Fairy!

  5. In high school I had a unicorn sweater and matching leg warmers!! I was stylin'

    As a preschool teacher I wish we could hand out the toddler article to all parents. They must think we are idiots not to realize a sick child. And slip on shoes are the WORSE!!!

    Chris =]

  6. I'm going to need to see a picture of those leg warmers.

  7. Hipster Thanksgiving?
    There are no words.
    Except perhaps: I'm glad I'm not a Hipster.

  8. Hipster thanksgiving... so ironic.. "giggle!!


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