Fruit Bowl Facelift

I have a fruit bowl the size of New Jersey.  Last week it was plaid. This week it is, well, what would you call this Las Vegas?

I made it two winters ago as part of a giftwrap challenge with Michele. It started life as a paper lantern but has been enjoying the last two years as a functional fruit/produce bowl on my kitchen counter. With all the wear and tear, it was starting to need a new coat of Mod Podge, so I thought, Well as long as it’s wet and sticky, let’s add something gold…

Then came the polka dots. Then the hot pink. Then the paint dots…

And here we are; a fruit bowl with a Las Vegas facelift. My clementines will be so pleased! 


  1. nutbirds says

    Looks more like Bollywood to me!

  2. Thea says

    Like that much better than the plaid. Got my first valentine today from Jenny in Pennsylvania (I’m in Idaho). Uber cute with lots of Aunt Peaches type glitter. I hope my recipients like theirs as much as I like mine!

  3. PeachesFreund says

    Ooooooh, that sounds Splendid! Glitter for all!

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