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 Considering it’s Monday – in February mind you – and I am still coming off last night’s 30 minute post Downton Abbey ugly cry, yes, you could say I was having a rough morning. Somewhere in-between clearing my inbox and watching videos of Pomeranians dancing to Beyoncé, I opened an email from a long-time reader, Julie, that prompted a rainbow to fly out my butt.

With Julie’s permission, I am sharing it here with you.   

“Dear Aunt Peaches

I am big on writing thank you letters and I owe you a thank you. Probably the biggest thank you of my life. Are you ready?

In August 2010 you published a recipe for a chocolate zucchini cake with peanut butter cups [The Liza Minelli of Cake] and it looked so amazing I let out a small scream when I saw it on my computer screen at work (I work in a library, so everyone noticed.) My brother Mathew loves Liza Minelli so I even commented that I was going to make it for him (see “anonymous” Sep 1. I never comment on blogs so it’s strange that I did, but now I wish I had at least put my name. You’ll know why in a minute.)

On September 14, 2010 I made the cake and brought it to a restaurant where we had dinner to celebrate Mathew’s birthday with his friends and coworkers, including his super hunky coworker Jake. I had a passing crush on Jake for months but he never paid attention to me, even though he will tell you different now. (We know the truth.) (Don’t tell him I said so.) Long story short, everyone loved the cake. Jake liked the cake so much that he started asking me how to make it, we started talking, one thing led to another, we got together. Can you tell where this is going?

Two and half years later I came home last Thursday to find my valentines gift – a beautiful homemade dinner topped with, of course, that peanut butter cup cake. His wasn’t as pretty as mine (Don’t tell him I said so.) but it tasted amazing. Then what did I find at the bottom of my slice? A ring!!!!!!! We are engaged!

Later that night, when I complimented him on his delivery he said he had been planning it that way since day one because, and I quote, “That cake is where it all started.”

I am so happy right now. I did not see this coming at all. We are already planning to serve that cake at our wedding and we will say a toast to you. Thank you for getting the ball started. I owe you one!


That’s right y’all: I made a love cake. This recipe will no longer be called The Liza Minelli of Cake, but The Man Catcher Cake.

Congratulations Julie and Jake!

May you enjoy a lifetime of blessings and peanut butter cups! 



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    I am pretty sure this is simply one example of the many miracles your blog has engendered. They might be small miracles sometimes – or in this case, big miracles – but you kinda radiate good karma, ya know.

    Memo to every man on the planet: make us a cake and we will say yes to pretty much anything.

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    Oh my gosh, it’s like a storyline right out of Love Actually
    Well done, Peaches, Julie and Jake!

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, it’s like a storyline right out of Love Actually
    Well done, Peaches, Julie and Jake!

  4. says


    I thank you with tens of thousands of kisses and hugs.
    I can’t keep up with everything and still come up with
    Fabulous ideas! The day I discovered my wonderful stay at
    home and working moms who own blogs was a day of many blessings.
    All of my blogger ladies save me daily and the time that you
    spend making this happen I appreciate!
    I love each and every one of you because I would be lost
    looking, searching, gathering, planning and executing the
    information and projects you ladies share with us. It really does
    take a small village of woman to raise up our families and it
    just happens we use the internet these days and can be millions
    of miles apart and still gift each other with our own unique
    greatness. So I applauded you for the time you take from your
    family & friends to share with all of us daily. Please don’t ditch me yet I am just
    getting the hang of the blogging world and you make a difference
    in my life!

    Hugs, kisses and lot of laughter to you!

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    I love your blog. I love the crafts. I love the family stories. I love the recipes. I think you are wonderful.

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    I think the name “the Liza Minelli of Cake” already indicated it was a man catching
    cake, or am I wrong? Either way, CONGRATS!!?

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    Keep blogging – love your stories and sharing of wonderful stories like this. Yep, you need to change the name of the cake. I think you make lots of people happy, just don’t know it. Keep a blogging….

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    Oh MAN, that’s amazing!!!! Good for you! Good for them! And Oh thank heaven did you ditch Discus? I could never comment on your blog before. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Been meaning to tell you for ages.

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    You actually think about Not Writing the Blog? How can you even Think about that. You are our inspiration, our friend that makes us laugh, makes us cry, goads us to be better. Now go try the molasses Guiness cake on my Pinterest page. It is supposed to be fantastic. We can start more relationships and more stories. Ann

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    Please forward congrats to Julie and Jake on their engagement. As for you Aunt Peaches, I do believe you
    have a new career at hand. Match making using food. That is the best story I have heard in a long time. Thanks.

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    Aunt Peaches, your efforts at sharing and bringing happiness reach far.
    Reading your blog each day is like hanging ‘over the fence’ with a good neighbor
    . Don’t ever move away because you bring smiles to all of us.

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    Squeeeelll! What a fabulous story! You could name the cake the Liza Minnelli Man Catcher Cake, she’s
    caught a few, has’t she? I love Italian food. Would you please share a Stay AwayLoser Lasagne recipe?

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    That is so sweet (literally lol). I would venture to guess that you create more happiness every day than most people do in a lifetime. Your blog makes me smile every time I read them. I love your sense of humor and love the quirkiness of your posts and the DIYs too. When you are feeling down just remember you are making so many of us happier people. 🙂

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    I am in a Downton Abbey funk myself. Your blog just cheered me up!
    What a sweet story! Keep doing what you are doing. A little big crafty, a little bit of humor,
    a rant or two, and some misc stuff. You make me smile every time I read
    your blog. Please don’t change a thing.

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    That is so amazingly awesome! Also, that cake makes me drool. I need to try it sometime!

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    Keep on with what you’ve been doing, especially the rants. I’ve found a lot of other blogs from links on yurs and although they all have interesting things going on craftwise yours is the only one I read for it’s literary aspect.I do miss flower fridays, though. On another matter, I can’t f*n believe they killed off Matthew!! I’ve had nightmares the last two nights and I never do. Anyway, love you BIG just the way you are.

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    This is truly awesome. And I may have to make that cake. ^_^

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