Where are you, Christmas?

Where are you Christmas?

…Oh, crap.

Christmas, you are here already!

Seriously, how is it December 24th??!?!?!

Christmas snuck up on me. I spotted her sitting in the corner around Halloween, and we’ve been chatting seasonal whatnot ever since, but I always sort of thought she was coming…coming…coming…then BAM. Hit me like a bag of Thunder Cats.

I’m soon leaving for San Francisco for Dan and Yasmin’s wedding, followed by a family “fake Christmas” over New Years in Virginia. I have a few posts in the pipeline, but it might be a little lighter than usual. Feel free to follow the fun on Instagram as I tend to get snap-happy on vacation.

However you choose to celebrate, Lola and I send you my warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Merry Christmas. May your song be joyful, may your plate be full.

Happy Christmas!


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    I am in Virginia! If you are near Chester you can come on by! Happy Holidays to you and Lola! My husband and I love reading your blog. <3 OH, BTW I made your pom pom garland and I love it so much! I had to replace the ribbon that I usually use this year. If you do another flamingo ornament next year I would love to participate.

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    Merry Christmas Aunt Peaches! (sorry about the previous spelling errors)

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    Merry Christmas..love your blog! I found it while surfing the net for the best craft blogs to read. Found one 🙂 My feelings about Christmas exactly–bag of thunder cats!

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      Melissa if you haven’t already done so, head on over to Mich L in LA’s blog. She has contests where she makes jewelry from things you wouldn’t usually think to use for making jewelry. She has a game and if you correctly guess what it is made from you win a OAK handmade piece of jewelry from Michelle, plus there are always two winners, one person that correctly guesses first and then one randomly chosen winner. She is super fun. Check her out. http://www.michlinla.com/

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