I was going to write a post about lamps.

I was going to write a post about lamps but then I ran into this magnificent beast; an enormous ice cream cone light that comes in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles!

My gut says get the strawberry, but my head says vanilla. It’s more tasteful. Then my gut says “Why be tasteful when you are a grownass woman hanging a giant ice cream cone in your house?” and my head is like “Whatever. Cast no pearls before swine!”

So I’m still deciding. Bottom line: it’s coming home with me. No idea where I’ll put it. Maybe as a porch light and then everyone will think I’m selling frozen custard, because that’s not creepy at all.

Holy crap I love summer.




  1. says

    I vote vanilla. Besides being timeless, it would emit more light = more functional. (Because functional is what you are clearly going for when displaying a giant soft serve cone lamp, uh huh.) What a beautiful photo that is!

    • says

      You’re right, Michelle. Vanilla = more light and that’ll make this purchase downright practical. Done!

  2. Anonymous says

    Why not pair them like topiaries on either side of a doorway, that way you can double your treat? –Kaeru Shisho

  3. Deb in Oklahoma says

    Why not get all three flavors—two for the front door, one for the back. Or..OR…line them up together, like an art piece that’s supposed to be that way.

    Only Peaches could find something this crazy-cool-fun for summer. Wonder what these would look like wrapped in tinsel in December…?

    • says

      Deb, you are a genius. I had not even considered the holiday implications here. Mind = BLOWN.

  4. says

    I vote strawberry. Side note did you see the inflatable cat unicorn horn they have for $4.99? Now that is a deal!

    • says

      I ask myself that same question every five minutes…..it’ll be here soon!!

  5. says

    Did you know that a new fad is covering lampshades with tights (pantyhose for friends on the western side of the pond)…I’m either rocking up to the tights on lampshade party early or am a few year late….

  6. Jess says

    You are my fucking hero, right now. Vanilla, FTW!

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