Lolabelle: The Portrait

Number 68 on my life list: “Get Lola’s portrait painted.” I had a feeling it would be the last straw in my magnificent spiral toward crazy cat lady, but, so be it. I was ready to take the plunge!

Fortunately for me, about a month ago I was in an online conversation with some blogging friends when Amy suggested Colleen might try her hand at pet portraits. Actually Amy told Colleen, “You NEED to sell custom dog portraits.” …and that was that.

Opportunist that I am, I said I didn’t have a dog, but my cat was as worthy of painterly attention, if not more, especially considering her special talent for yodeling, whisker dancing, and drinking from the bathtub (!!!!) Why, can you even imagine a cat more deserving of a portrait than Lola?

That was a rhetorical question.

So I contacted Colleen and said I’d be one of her first customers and sent her 5 or 6 photos. A few days later she showed me a preliminary sketch, which was impressive all by itself (see here process here). A few days after that I saw another one, then a few days after that guess what arrived on my doorstep?

It’s a bit like eating dinner with the Mona Lisa, but less old and with better hair.

I really was not expected to love it so much. My many, many, (many) photos of Lola are wonderful, but there is something so special about a painting made with love. The hand and the care of the artist comes through in the brushwork. When Colleen told me she at one time kept eight cats (EIGHT) I wasn’t surprised — you can see her love of cats in her work.

I wish you guys could see it in person. Pictures of paintings never do the work justice. Y’all have to come over and check it out!

Not surprisingly, in just the last few weeks, the demand for Colleen’s work has already taken off — you can see a gallery of her work right here (this little guy is my favorite).

As she launches into portrait painting empire, and as a favor to me, Colleen is offering a limited number of commission portraits to Aunt Peaches readers at the friends/family discount rate of $99. Her 8×10 pieces usually start at $150 (which is still half of what commission portraits of this quality go for these days) (believe me, I have been looking for some time). Are you interested in a one-of-a-kind work of art portrait of your fur baby?

Thought so.

Go to Colleeen’s Etsy shop. First first ten readers to enter PEACHES1 as a coupon code gets the $150 portrait (8 x 10 on canvas or paper) for $99. 

FYI: Colleens typical turnaround time is 3-4 weeks, but you can also purchase one now as a gift for someone else at a later date. Actually, some friends of mine just got married and one of their gifts was a portrait of their pooch — it wasn’t on their registry, but it’s their favorite gift. Now why didn’t I think to give them that?!

Also FYI, I just want to take a sec to clarify that this is not a sponsored post. Colleen did not ask me to do this. I am her friend, but I am also her customer and her fan. I believe in work and I’m honored to have a piece of her talents on display in my home.  And Lola feels the same…

You can’t tell from the photo, but she just said THANK YOU COLLEEN!

See Colleen’s talent in motion: Blog | Etsy shop | Facebook 



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      haha. I bet most little boys occasionally fall in the category of “fur babies”….so YES!

  1. says

    Its a wonderful likeness of Lola. There is something really special about having a portrait of a beloved pet. I have paintings of both my dogs hanging in my living room, and as much as I love them now, I already know how treasured they will be once my dogs have passed.

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      I hat to even think about it, but yes, you are absolutely right. Someday this portrait will be treasured that much more.

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    Just snagged one –thanks for showcasing this awesome artist. My special angel fur baby passed a year ago and I can’t wait to have his portrait painted by Colleen. He was a gray version of your Lola. She is a beauty. And he was my little king.

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      Oh Sadie, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. He sounds like a hansom boy. I know Colleen’s talents will do him justice, and I hope that is of some small comfort.
      hugs xoxo

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      Will share the finished piece when she shares it. CANNOT WAIT! I totally get what you meant by bucket list . . . Crazy cat lady. I ha 5 fur kitties at one point.

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