Christmas Morning Mimosas

My cousin John is something of a mixologist.  Two years ago he shared this recipe for Santa’s Little Helper and it’s been one of my most popular Christmastime posts ever since. Everybody loves a good cocktail! Now I’m back with the fam this week, chillin’ and boozin’ and waiting for John to hurry up and make whiskey punch, which is apparently something made in a can, so, when I asked him to share another yuletide concoction to share with y’all, his suggestion was something much more elegant and can-free: Christmas Morning Mimosas.


I garnished with rosemary and cranberry because it’s festive and photographs better, but don’t be fooled – the flavor is all apple and sparkles.

Once Santa’s hard work is done, the aunts and uncles of the world deserve the chance to enjoy Christmas morning exactly as much as the kidlets. And if there’s a morning that you can get away with a cocktail before 10 AM, it’s Christmas, right? And mimosas hardly even count as drinking in the morning. In our family, special meals gets our grandmother’s cardamon flavored rolls (a recipe she must have stolen from a Swedish lady along the way), so nothing tastes quite as much like a holiday as cardamom, and if infuses really well in apple cider.
A Jug of Apple Cider
15-20 Whole Cardamon Pods
5-10 Pieces of Candied Ginger, plus more for garnish
If you have some time, just smoosh the cardamom gently with the flat side of a knife and throw it and 5-10 pieces of candied ginger into a jug of apple cider and let it hang out overnight or longer. Half infused cider, half prosecco. Garnish with a piece of the ginger if you’re fancy. Done. If you’re in a bigger rush, heat up the cider with the cardamom on the stove to a simmer to get the flavor moving quicker, and then throw it in the freezer to cool it down before serving.


  1. tracylee says

    Sounds delicious. Cardamom is one of my favorite things! another beverage suggestion using cardamom: pop open a pod and put the seeds in with your ground coffee before it starts brewing

    • aunt peaches says

      That’s a great idea!

  2. Brenda B says

    Blessings to you…Aunt Peaches… you are a delight ALL year long……

  3. Karen Z says

    Oh my – this does sound delicious! I too am a big fan of cardamom.

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