Painted Pumpkins: Anything But Orange


Did you hear that?

That was the sound of summer getting up and leaving. Says she’s only going to get a sandwich and “I’ll be back in a minute.” but you know darn well she ain’t coming back for eight months. Maybe more. We can dwell on this or we can prepare for the festivities of pumpkin latte autumn season. Huzah!

And let’s be honest; is it ever to early for pumpkins?

painted pumpkin

Duh. No. It’s always time for pumpkins, especially if they look like 1980s rainbow arcade games dressed as gourds.

painted pumpkin not orange

I know what you are thinking: Why green pumpkins?

Not going to lie: I have no idea. It wasn’t my agenda to make green pumpkins and actually, in person they seem more multi-color than green, but you know, sometimes certain colors want to shine brighter. I’m not going to stand in the way. For me, I have always been nuts about adding a dash of mint and lime and turquoise to counterbalance the typical fall scheme of red and orange. And you don’t see that a whole lot. So I brought my green game up a notch and you know what? I’m digging it.

And nothing wrong a dash of magenta too. Right magenta?

michaels painted pumpkinsRight.

painted pumpkin greenWant to see their origins in action?

Here we go…

Get yourself a bag of mixed gourds from Michaels. The little ones. You can buy big ones but  you get a lot more bang for your buck with the variety pack of little ones. They are 40% off this week, so yeah. You might need to hit that. And while you are over there, grab some acrylic craft paint and some brushes. I also decided to go nuts and use a white paint pen and glitter the stems, but that’s optional y’all. The paint is the key.

1. Dab. Dab on the paint with a brush. Like loose, non symmetrical polka dots.

2. Splursh. Splursh some diluted paint all over. No, splursh is not a real word but it’s more accurate than splatter. Splurshing is when you load the brush then run your finger across the bristles and pray to God it ends up where you want it, maybe, but probably not.

3. Glue. Smother the stem or maybe the whole top of the pumpkin with an extra thick white glue like Tacky Glue.

4. Glitter. Pour glitter all over. Tap off excess.

Not Pictured, step 1.5, wherein I accidently dropped all the newly painted pumpkins in the grass, all the colors mixed up in each other, thought I liked it, then let it dry and decided to go over the ugly spots with a white paint pen. I repeatedly conclude that white paint pens fix everything.

painted-pumpkins-grid-pinterestSo that’s about it. How about you – are you jumping on the pumpkin train early this year? Will you buck the orange pumpkin tradition for lime and turquoise? Do tell!

painted pumpkins swatch glitter stem

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  1. chris says

    Beautifully done. Probably will steal your fall color palette ideas and apply elsewhere, please consider it a compliment 🙂 Thanks for doing what you do, always a pleasure to read your posts. I love your style.

  2. says

    The white streaks MAKE these cuties!!! So huzzah for dropping them in the grass. Lovely little blobs of Peachy art!

  3. Rose says

    Oh ya, bring ’em on! GORGE!!

  4. Amy says

    Those are awesome, much like your flower paintings. I must say I have missed both your posts in my Instagram feeds. I hope you enjoyed your break!

  5. says

    Oh my word – these look absolutely delightful and delicious! A very unique design, too. Love the glittery touch. xx

  6. says

    Now this is a project I can do! Thanks for posting!

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