The Easiest Glitter Pumpkins

Yesterday marked the first day of fall and so begins the annual PUMPKIN SPECTACULAR. This weekend I’m clearing off a credenza and filling with all the weird and sparkly skulls and gourds I have collected and made over the years. Maybe there will be a spooky movie in the background and a scented candle going and maybe some pie and holy cats it is going to be AMAZING.

Listen, I never said I was cool.


Speaking of cool – glitter pumpkins. I love a seriously sparkled up pumpkin but the Folks at Aeleen’s Tacky Glue asked me to come up with a super simple sparkle pumpkin that was friendly to all ages and skill levels, easy on the wallet, and capitalizes on the wonder that is Tacky Glue. You could do this with regular white glue but it will just drip into a one big mess, and that ain’t cute. You need the original. Pop on over to get the tutorial and make one for yourself.


Happy Weekend! 



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