Dancing Skeletons – Boo It Yourself

Greetings loved ones.

October 1 has come and gone which means it’s full throttle on the Halloween decorations. Amiright?

In years past I have settled for some pumpkins and spider webs but this year I wanted something a little more substantial. Something spooky. Something…skeletal.


Isn’t it weird how he looks like he is dancing and laughing?

If I had come back from the dead as a skeleton and some broad wired me to a column, I would not be laughing. Or dancing.

Like I said – spooky. And it gets better – there are three of them.


This guy is my favorite. I rigged his hand so it looks like he is waving. But sometimes the hand flops over and it looks like he’s asking for money. ]

Leave it to me get a greedy skeleton.


I know you are looking at this and wondering how they stay up. Honestly, they stay up on their own. I added some floral wire to keep them in place through wind and rain, but these skeletons are opposable. The joints move and lock into place. Actually, lock is a strong word – more like click. They click into place. So long as the feet and hips are set up sturdy they hold just about any position.


Also. You like the wreaths?


Confession: The truth is this post was supposed to be about wreaths. I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of fall foliage and gourds and wreath forms and a couple friends and I sat on the porch and made fall wreaths and drank wine and ate dip and I took a ton of photos. I thought a wreath making party was a clever idea, isn’t it? Yeah I know!

But you know what’s not so clever? Dropping your phone in the sink the next day. Photos gone. This sink situation also happened to be the day the new iPhone launched so, getting anyone to repair or replace the phone was nearly impossible. I’m still waiting on delievery. So this is my way of saying, if you have called or texted me in the last two weeks, I probably didn’t get it. This is also my way of saying I cannot show you how to make these wreaths step-by-step, but I promise you can get all the supplies at Michaels. You can also pick up an opposable skeleton while you are there. And that’s the cool part.



What sort of Halloween craftiness are you thinking about this year? If you make anything fun and share it on social media please tag me – I would love to see it! And if you get the supplies at Michaels, tag them too because they love that stuff! Whether you’re into spooky sights, playful pumpkins or giggling ghouls, Michaels is your Boo-It-Yourself Halloween Headquarters and has tons of ideas for DIY costumes and décor.

Be sure to check out all of the other Michaels Makers Boo-It-Yourself Halloween ideas on the Michaels blog!




  1. says

    I am not the world’s biggest fan of halloween, or even of outdoor decorations, but I LOVE those skeletons! 😀
    And, I just have to ask – why does your house have two doors? Especially positioned like that?

    • aunt peaches says

      It’s a two flat – one unit on each level. Very common around here. 😉

      • says

        Oh I see! Yes, that makes sense. But it’s not as interesting as what I came up with in the meantime:
        – decoy door to confuse burglars
        – entry for unpopular family members
        – doorway to alternative dimension
        – doorway to dungeon dimension
        – Narnia.

        • Amy says

          I love all your alternate ideas for the 2 doors, they are too funny. My favorite has to be the decoy door to confuse burglars though!

  2. jillian says

    You have the cutest house!!! and how awesome is it to have 2 front doors to decorate??

  3. Yasmin C says

    They look like pole dancing skeletons to me 🙂

    Also, the house looks great–love all the new colors!

  4. AnnW says

    One of those skeletons needs a hat, kind of like Leonard Cohen!

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