Homemade Bleach Stamped Bolster Pillow


Bleach and I are not friends. For one thing, the smell nauseates me. For another thing, there was this time I tried to bleach my curtains, went overboard, and everything tasted like pool water for a week. And for another thing, regular liquid bleach and accidents like to happen waaaaaaay too often. Have you ever […]

Bleach Dye Botanicals at Home


I don’t know if you have been outside lately, but whoa nelly, SPRING IS HERE! he bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping and the ground is busting out every shade and shape of green goodness imaginable. What does that mean? Life crippling allergies. It’s time to raid the neighbor’s yard for stuff to make crafts. […]

Personalized Key Hook

e hook key fob

The folks at Michael’s asked me to take a look at their new Make Market line and pick something to personalize. So that was hard. I mean, craft shopping for fun? *YAWN. *Snoopy dance. The idea was to pick something that I could dress up, but I liked the product line so much I didn’t want to […]

The Soap Opera Saga of the Cantaloupe Bookshelf


Here is the thing about painting your living room black: it makes everything look like it was put there on purpose. The sloppy cushions, the 3-month-old magazine, the 32oz Diet Dr Pepper Big Gulp from last thursday…yes. They all look like they were put there on purpose. This puts a lot of pressure on the items […]

DIY No-Sew Sequin Pillow


There are two kinds of people in this world you cannot trust; people who bite into ice cream and people who do not like sequins. That ice cream thing is suspicious because WHO DOES THAT? But the sequin thing can be more subtle. You can know a person for your whole life and then, 30 […]

Adventures in Removable Wallpaper


There are a handful of items that indicate one has officially crossed the line into adulthood; parenthood, paying taxes, and installing wallpaper. I mean, anyone can paint a wall…but wallpaper? You need big girl pants to handle wallpaper. And although I have done some stand-alone wallpaper projects here and there, I had yet to wallpaper […]

Fun with Faux Stained Glass


Stained glass is a big deal in these parts, especially the linear-prairie school of design type of stuff. It’s gorgeous. It’s expensive. It’s not-at-all weather proof, and sort of a pain to keep up. And yet, everyone loves it. Including me. So when I saw the ladies at A Beautiful Mess make a faux stained […]

Leaf Print Pillowcases


People say Memorial Day is the beginning of summer, but in my book the season doesn’t start until the feather duvet gets yanked off the bed and swap it for a beloved, lumpy, bumpy, oil-spill-quality-absorbant-cotton, chenille blanket. Always white. Always retro. Chenille blankets are wildly impractical 9 months a year, but when they are good they […]

Scrunch Shibori


Contrary to popular belief, Scrunch Shibori is not the name of the hipster gas station attendant who sells poems about his goat; it’s what you can do with a nifty die kit and a duvet. Want to make one? Yeah. You do!