House Tour on Design Sponge

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Long ago in a time when dinosaurs roamed earth, before the dawn of the iPhone, before there was Netflix, before I had a blog, before I worked for myself…I used to sit in a cubicle all day and gawk at home tours on Design Sponge. I used to wonder who lived in these places and what […]

Dip Dye Lampshade


I have a new decorating itch. It involves lampshades, fabric dye, and a garbage bag. Watch closely and you can see it in action… A video posted by Peaches (@aunt_peaches) on Jan 17, 2015 at 2:52pm PST Interested? Check it out over on!

Hot Pink Geometry

Pink-geometric-ornaments-chandelier featured

Confession: It’s late January and I’m still not over Christmas. I don’t care if yesterday was MLK Day, I’m not past my yuletide cheer. The boxes have been put away for a couple weeks now but I set aside a few goodies to get me through the winter. Listen, a gal needs her sparkles! I bought […]

Come on in! Craft Studio Video Tour


There is something seriously wrong with my inability to think in white rooms. I know some people can only be productive in a space that is clean/white/empty, and that’s great for them, but it doesn’t work for me. At all. I need a space that is “tidy-enough” to function, but messy enough to think. I […]

Do-It-Yourself Home Textiles with Fabric Crayons

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Most of you don’t come here to discuss Jamie Lynn Spears’, “totally unplanned,” Red Sonja style knife moves at a Lousiana pita shack (which is a shame because I would like to discuss this AT LENGTH) – so here is a pillow I made out of crayons and white cotton. That’s it. Crayons + Fabric […]

Welcome Home Giraffe Chair


Ever have one of those days when you see something and you could swear you have seen it before? Welp. You know I wasn’t going to say no. Also, fyi, having a rocking chair in the kitchen might be the best thing ever. The Best. This morning I just sat in it and listened to […]

10 Minute Drum Shades


It appears that I’m going through an anti-curtain phase. A year ago I thought extra tall patterned curtains were the best thing on the planet, but now I’d be happy to live curtain free the rest of my life. That’s me. Fickle, fickle, fickle. I worry I’ll exhaust my options and a year from now […]

$25 Spirograph Coffee Table

Got me a new coffee table! It’s sparkly and glass and gold and looks like my favorite math toy of yore: the spirograph. Not familiar with spirographs? Lay your eyes on this piece of 80s cinematic masterpiece. Note: I can empathize with the haircuts of all four people in that commercial. Damn I miss the […]