Welcome Home Giraffe Chair


Ever have one of those days when you see something and you could swear you have seen it before? Welp. You know I wasn’t going to say no. Also, fyi, having a rocking chair in the kitchen might be the best thing ever. The Best. This morning I just sat in it and listened to […]

10 Minute Drum Shades


It appears that I’m going through an anti-curtain phase. A year ago I thought extra tall patterned curtains were the best thing on the planet, but now I’d be happy to live curtain free the rest of my life. That’s me. Fickle, fickle, fickle. I worry I’ll exhaust my options and a year from now […]

$25 Spirograph Coffee Table

Got me a new coffee table! It’s sparkly and glass and gold and looks like my favorite math toy of yore: the spirograph. Not familiar with spirographs? Lay your eyes on this piece of 80s cinematic masterpiece. Note: I can empathize with the haircuts of all four people in that commercial. Damn I miss the […]

Front Porch Makeover for Under $100

There were grand plans to strip, sand, and paint the porch in the spring…but then spring turned to summer and “strip, sand, paint the porch” turned into “let’s buy cheap furniture at Goodwill and spray paint it yellow.” Story of my life. The swing was from the people who used to live here but it […]

Pineapple Pendants

In my never ending quest to hang random crap on my chandelier, I present my latest adventure: Pineapples. Don’t ask why. It wasn’t on purpose. I went to the Dollar Tree luau section (yes they have a luau section) hunting for flamingos for cake toppers (which I got) ….but, they had some honeycomb paper pineapples […]

Mrs. Roper’s Revenge

My 1970’s kick continues. First it was Mrs. Roper’s kaftans, now it’s her decor. I don’t know about you, but woven wall hangings were all the rage when it was a kid. It was awesome. Somewhere along the line they went out of fashion and up until recently you’d find them dime-a-dozen at thrift stores. […]

Dinnerware Gone Rogue: How to Hang a Plate Wall

By my calculations, based on my age and fondness for food, I have consumed somewhere in the arena of 37,230 meals. Minus that post-breakup month I ate nothing but ice cream and wine slushies (don’t you judge me), that comes to 37,200 occasions for plates. And if I had my druthers, I would have taken […]

Disco Enlightenment

I couldn’t bring myself to take down all the Christmas decorations. A transition phase was needed. And so what if it’s half-way to Easter? Listen, we deserve some sparkle. That buttmunch groundhog promised six more weeks of winter and I’ll be damned if I am supposed to spend it in darkness. I need light. I […]