Like Tyra Banks with Fur

Internet: meet Lola, my child-with-fur.

Don’t worry, you will hear plenty about her in the future.

Come stop by my site to read the full post!


  1. says

    HI, My neighbor Shelly Bradon dropped off one of your flowers at my door with a note that said “Go to, funny women good site” I don’t know how you know her? I am so glad she directed me your way! i have had a great time visiting, and now I know everything I ever wanted to know about paper flowers and had some great laughs along the way! I predict you are going to have a very successful blog and I can say I was your 37th follower! Drop by my blog when you get a chance and say hi! Oh, My fur baby Billie say’s Hi to Lola!

    Carol Turner

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