Gee Wilickers!

Well hot dog, I’m on Design*Sponge!  And check it: not just once, but twice in 24hours.

Special thanks to Grace Bonney for the kind words, and to Kate Pruitt for putting it all together with such panache!

And special thanks to YOU for reading my self-indulgent ramblings and leaving comments.

Good or bad, I love feedback like the fat kid loves cake.

Hell, who am I kidding?

I am the fat kid. And I still love cake.


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    Where can I get those plates! I LOVE them, they are the exact match for the new background on my blog. I had to laugh when i read what you said about loving comments on your blog. Hee hee I totally get that! PS I think my friends are going to make coffee filter flowers for the centerpieces of her 30th mad hatter birthday party!

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    You said it Mimi, comments are the best:)
    I’m so intrigued about this Mad Hatter party, how fun is that?! I love anything with an Alice in Wonderland angle. Looking forward to seeing the pictures on your site!
    …btw, got the plates at Target in May for 99 cents a piece. Beat that!

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    Congrats on the DS features – I do adore that pink matador so much! The flowers are kinda amazing, as well, and what a great tutorial. Yay!

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    Hey, I’m some of the foot traffic coming in from Design*sponge! i’ve just skimmed your blog a bit and i love the flower ideas…i’m going to make some to decorate my dorm room.

    thanks for the inspiration!

    my own blog is


  1. […] as well. Top it off with a big white flower and you are good to go! These lily pads were made from coffee filters, but I did a magnolia made from paper plates a few years ago that would work very nicely as […]

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