20 October 2010

Land of Cotton

Away for a little while preparing for BFF's wedding this weekend, visiting with family, spoiling my niece, and playing with eldery dogs. More to follow soon!


  1. I love seeing the cotton still on the boll. For two years as a kid, I lived in a house that had huge cotton fields on 3 sides. When it's pretty much all you see when you look out the window, it takes a special place in your heart. :)

  2. My BFF's been married 22 years now and my niece is so spoiled someone needs to beat her with a stick... BUT... elderly dogs, I can totally do that! Have a fantastic time, I hope the wedding is beautiful! Can't wait to see what your next post brings. Interesting stories, I'm sure!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous!! Thanks for visiting me at Wingledings, I may just have to try that Gumdrop Tree idea...thanks!


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