These are My People

My ten month old niece Abigail dressed as a flamingo (that’s all my doing) held by my Uncle Tom dressed as a scary rainbow clown (that’s all his doing).  
I could write a lengthy story about this but for once in my life, I’ll refrain. I’ll let the image do the story telling here.
Hilarious? Yes.
Disturbing? Perhaps.
My 2010 holiday card? Obviously.


  1. says

    I still can’t get over how adorable that flamingo costume is!

    This is truly one of those times a picture is worth a thousand words.

  2. says

    Oh, what a picture! Abigail is clearly the ventriloquist, and Tom is the puppet!

  3. says

    Far too cute!! Would it be too weird if I asked to be on your Christmas card list this year?

  4. says

    Thank’s y’all! It’s nice to celebrate family. Even if they are crazy weird. Bonnie, you most certainly ARE on my holiday card list this year! We’ll give those kiddo’s a christmas clown phobia for sure!

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