When did cardboard get so cool?

A few weeks ago, Michele shared the most amazing cardboard playhouse. It’s like a non-girly dollhouse, but more whimsical and funner.
Tangent: Is “funner” a real word? Hmmm….I sort of doubt it.

Back to the cardboard! Since I don’t have much need for a playhouse at my place (actually, that’s highly debatable)… it got me thinking about making something similar for Lola. She needs a new cat bed, and with Holidays upon us, I thought I would cruise around the internet and see if there were any good-n-fancy cardboard cat beds that I could make myself at home.

Whoa. Nelly.

Check out the Canadian Cabin for Fluffy Little Critters from Loyal Luxe. This sort of cabin could really appeal to Lola’s inate appreciation for rustic charm. I can just imagine her chewing a hole in the side.

Or, for adventurous cats, what about these options?

I mean honestly, doesn’t your cat need a tank?


Or, skip the bed and get your child-with-fur a furless-child’s toy, like these awesome toy houses. Suppose you could get them for your munchkin too, but I sort of like the idea of kitty peeping her little head out of the castle courtyard, or chewing on the corner of this tree house! This might be the winner. I might just have to order it online directly, it’s is just Too Dang Cute. Plus, in her former life, Lola spent many years living at the Treehouse Animal Shelter. So this is pretty much a sign from above that I need to have this Lola deserves this.

So many choices….Geez-O-Pete! When did cardboard get so cool?!


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    At least Lola can climb that tree without getting stuck in it! My personal favorite is the tank…there’s just something ironic and awesome about it!

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    Those are just SO cool. I like the tank too, but can you imagine the cat going to the litter box in something looking like that? Just how would you arrange to clean it? The bottom would have to pull out or something. but, way cool. They make the litter covers, and all, so they have privacy, you know. My cat loves boxes and bags, so why not?

    Anne in NC

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    Oh, in a house of boys, cardboard is always cool. LOL I do love those kitty hid-aways…and I agree, the tank is pretty darn sweet.

    BTW I mentioned Lola in a blog post. I know she love to be (virtually) loved. 🙂

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    Paper is so big right now… all part of us going ‘earthy’ again, I think.

    Love your blog. I can’t even remember where I came here from (it might have been Give a Hoot) but I’m so glad I did. x

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    Wow those are crazy-cat-cool!!! I think my favourite is the cabin because it appeals to my Canadian outdoorsy esthetic. Stands to reason. But I have massive fan-love for the fire engine AND the castle! I don’t know how you would choose exactly…They’re ALL amazing. Will this be one of your, i mean Lola’s, Christmas gifts?

    Thanks for the shout out, btw. Have i told you recently how sweet you are? Well, you are.



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    These are all hysterical. Any kitty should be so lucky! Sending this link to all my cat-owning friends asap.

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    I’m sure glad y’all appreciate the kitty love. I hope Lola likes these as much as you do!

    Anne, you are always coming up with the greatest ideas! Lola NEEDS a decorative litter box cover. It needs to be large enough that she has plenty of room to do her ‘digger dance’ but I could figure it out…a big yellow school bus should do the job!

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