The Amazing Parade

“Scrambled Eggs”

Did you ever feel like your head was filled with a mass of buttery, salted scrambled eggs?

Yup. Me too.

This week has been filled with challenges and chocolate in equal measure.

Thank you for hanging in there with me.

Sometimes, I struggle.

Sometimes I find myself in a creative rut and rely on my fellow blogmeisters for inspiration.

Sometimes the internet can make me smile.

Sometimes good news deserved to be shared.

I noted some of my favorites this week and lined them up to share with you in one amazing parade.

Marching Band, where you at?


I used to think I made cool party hats. Then I saw these. Whoa. Nelly. 

Paint-by-numbers wrapping paper. Why didn’t I think of this years ago?

Anyone have a Rick James theme party in the works? Get yourself some gold pleather bunting.

For anyone with dry hands and a love of kooky beauty tips: Get your lemon on. (PS: I tried it this morning. It works!)

Look at your shoes. Now, couldn’t they stand to gain some carnation-style pom-poms? The answer is obviously.

Kate Spade coat at half price. It’s like a car payment, but prettier. 

Huzzah! The Two Fat Ladies are back in action!

Valentines for bird lovers. And book lovers. And everyone else. Sigh.

If I were far more well read, I would identify a love poem about a caged bird, print it, then use it to create these little babies, then give away as three dimensional valentines. What is the likelihood of me getting it together long enough to do it? Zero.

Does anyone else think this cat looks like Dick Cheney?


  1. says

    I love a parade! Esp. when I’m in it, hee. Thank you!

    Ooh, such nifty things! The bird cages are the sweetest. And I am in awe of the shoe photos – I mean, I like the pom poms and all, but I LOVE the photographs that go with them! And the paint by numbers paper, WOW. Hip to the max. (Which is what I have, and not in a good way.) I’m sorry you sound so frazzly at the moment, o Peachy One. Hope February comes in like a nice calming rain of micro-shredded love poems about birds, and your life gets a little less hectic. Cheers, my dear!

    Um, did you paint the scrambled eggs? It is beautiful.

  2. says

    What are you talking about? You are one of the most creative people I know! You need to get out in the sunshine, or get a SAD lamp. Go to Be different Act Normal. Someone knitted a small heart. If you go to that person’s website, you will see bat wings and leaves and all sorts of interesting crap that she knitted. That ought to make you smile. I laugh everytime I look at your clown needlepoint shoes. If you need a boost, look through your drawers. I just found some campfire brads that I ordered a few months ago. Got any ideas? Fondly, Ann

  3. says

    PS If I knew how to operate my camera, and my computer cord, I would decorate all my nutbirds and send you pictures of them so you would laugh. I have one thing that is 5 in a row with really big beaks. It is a pipe rack and the beaks keep the pipes from falling down. I even have nutbird lamps. ann

  4. says

    Chocolate helps lots of things! Hope your week gets better!

  5. says

    lovely little treasures in each post-thank you for sharing!

    you might be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. seriously! look into it!

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