06 January 2011

Name that Pink!

Every year, the good people at Pantone pull together color experts from around the world to predict design trends and to select the Color of the Year.
2010 Color of the Year: Turquoise
2011 Color of the Year: Honeysuckle
From Pantone:  

While the 2010 color of the year, PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise, served as an escape for many, Honeysuckle emboldens us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor. A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life.

Yeah yeah yeah....elevate the psyche and all that is swell. Problem is: honeysuckle is white. Maybe cream. Even yellow, maybe. NOT PINK.

Should this bother me? No. Does this bother me? Yes. In fact it bothers me to the point that I have avoided using this pink-lemonade like color the last month just because I am irked.

IRKED I tell you!

And that's too bad. It's a nice color. I love me some pink. And yes, technically, honeysuckle comes in a variety of colors, including pink, so I really have no right to be annoyed. But I am . I am annoyed and anxious to fix the problem.

So today, I want to give this color a new name. Doesn't mean anyone will ever use it in an official capacity, but come on, let's have some fun! What shall we name it?

Here, I'll start a list--you chime in some ideas in the comments. Let's do this!

Iced Watermellon
Revenge of the 80's
Pink Lemonade
Mamie Eisenhower's Underpants
Snooki Love
Pink Gumballs
Srawberry Magrarita
Milk Punch Romance
Pixie Dust
Carol Channing Pink

....Your turn!

PS: Anyone share my fixation on color names, read this earlier post.  



  1. Omg, Mamie Eisenhower's underpants. I just died.

  2. I, also, am irked! Honeysuckle IS white. Whatta buncha weirdos.

    BTW, you have some GREAT names there. (That's speaking as sort of an expert - I used to name things professionally.) I couldn't top them! Also, if had thought about it with both brains for a week, could never have come up with the underpants. THIS is why I adore your blog.

  3. You are SO RIGHT!!! I totally thought the same thing!

  4. When I read that honeysuckle was in, I was like - I LOVE Yellow. Then I saw pink... wha? Milk punch romance is hilarious!

  5. LOLing at "Mamie Eisenhower's Underpants"!

    I was thinking "Sunday Morning Kisses"... 'cause my Grandma went to our church and she always kissed me and left a pink kiss on my cheek. That color just looks like a pretty lipstick kiss.

  6. What about Blushing Bridesmaid


    Love is in the air

  7. I definitely remember picking the white Honeysuckle flowers and sucking out the sweet syrup as a kid...so I get it.

    I must admit..."Snooki Love" is a pretty great name change. I think we should officially request a name change from Pantone!

  8. Santas cheeks

    Can u tell I still got the Christmas spirit?

  9. I want to call it "Flustered Miss Piggy".

  10. maybe pepto bismal? :) looks more like that then honey suckle for sure!

  11. haha your list is great! For some reason this colour makes me think of cakes and sprinkles so maybe something to do with that.

    Sprinkle Pink!

  12. Oh my! I love your list! It is hilarious!
    I would add Bubble love and Cotton Candy craze!

  13. ha ha ha heee heee heee hee ha haa haa... so much fun... can't comment... too busy laughing... you and all your commentors are a riot!.... heeee hee... love it!.....

  14. Holy Bageezers you guys are good!
    Must admit, personal Fav is between paulinas "flustered miss piggy" (!!!) and becca jo's " manilow mouse" .... How awesome would it be to read some pretentious high end designer talk about color theory while referring muppets and Barry manilow? HELLO!!

    Also, I want to hear more about Michelle l's awesome naming job? I'm intrigued. Tell us more!

  15. I started reading your post frowning, my brain was confused, I could see the pink, I like the pink, but I was reading about honeysuckle?????? Almost like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time. Takes a fair bit of brain cells and concentration. I always thought honeysuckle was a creamy/white. So ok for your naming, I instantly thought of a disney cartoon with pelicans doing ballet? lots and lots of pelicans flouncing across the tv screen to a classical ballet number, was Bugs Bunny in this 'ballet'? Can anyone remember this at all, or have I partaken of far too much coconut ice in the festive season??
    Love your blog and love your post. Happy New Year.

  16. Ya nutta - I love Iced Watermelon and here is one from me, for no reason really other then it stuck in my brain hee hee

    Swizzle Sticks

    Honeysuckle tho? Hmmmm was it named by a colour blind male I am wondering hee hee - still it is a pretty colour, me not really being a girly girl and all !

    Right I have a bottle of coke that needs to be eaten, off to attempt your coke choccy cake - wish me luck :)


  17. Hmm! Honeysuckle didn't do it for me either. I have such a tree in my yard and I had to stop and wonder "Was something wrong with my flowers?" When I saw that shade of pink all I could think of was Pink Panther but you certainly have plenty to chose from.

  18. This made me laugh because the WhipperChicks got together the other day and had this exact same discussion! I always think of honeysuckle as a light yellow color, so it totally threw me. We decided we would refer to it as "watermelon" but I liked your iced watermelon, and think I will pass it along!

  19. Ah heck, that's not Honeysuckle. My kitchen is Honeysuckle and it's yellow! Yellow I tell you!

    How's about Booty Spankin' Pink? That would give it a naughty little twist to make up for it's previous, completely idiotic name.

  20. I hate to burst your bubble, but there is such thing as pink honeysuckle. There are actually quite a few different colors of honeysuckle. I've seen the yellow, and the pink, and white, and some in mixed colors. And from what I remember, they're all fragrant!

  21. Old Lady Lipstick for certain.

  22. I'm glad I'm not the only one who did a double-take when they called this color honeysuckle.

    I like Mamie Eisenhower's Underpants!

    (Um, as a color name, I mean.)

  23. We definitely had pink honeysuckle growing in the woods around my house in Virginia when I was a kid. Not as prevalent as the white stuff to be sure, but we had it. I did a little research and apparently there are several varieties of pink honeysuckle, predominately originating in Russia (yay for fun facts!!).

    Whatever the case, I feel an internet petition to have the name changed to "Mamie Eisenhower's Underpants" needs to be undertaken.

  24. In keeping with Leslie's and Sunny's posts, I can also attest to the fact that pink honeysuckle exists... it's very pretty and equally aromatic! My name choice would be in honor of both Auntie Peaches and Mambo Peach, my Black Russian Terrier: "Mambo's Peach-y Pink".... story here: http://nickicarm.blogspot.com/2009/12/happy-birthday-mambo-peach.html
    Oh, and Sunny, thanks for the mention of Russian roots as a fun fact... yet more coincidence.

    Auntie Peaches, you've created a fun and relaxing place to visit... march on!

  25. I'm with everybody else, honeysuckle is not PINK! down here it's cream and orange. Is this some mess with the genetics thing?

  26. "Molly Ringwald Prom Dress Pink"

    And you are SO right about honeysuckle! Even if there is pink honeysuckle (on Mars), WHY would you miss the opportunity to name this pink something that is always recognizable as PINK?!? Might as well call it "Honeysuckle Sometimes". Ugh!

  27. You are so right! To me it looks exactly like Bazooka bubblegum pink...

    xo Mary Jo

  28. I would just like to take this opportunity to point out that "Mamie Eisenhower's Underpants" would be an excellent name for a band.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I know I'm late in commenting, and I wish I had a lovely name to suggest, but...
    Thank you for making me not the only one in whom this name inspired ire because your first thought was "But... HONEYSUCKLE IS WHITE."

    Lovely color, yes, but I had never seen a pink honeysuckle before Pantone put up that graphic of the color swatch complete with floral accompaniment.
    Many thanks


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