$3.00 Rainbow Doily Spinners

I had been saving this idea a for a baby shower, but dontchaknow, all the babies-to-be that I know are being showered out-of-state this year. Just the same, I’m not letting that stop me — I made a small scale model to share with you guys today. I mean, someone out there must have a […]

It’s a Floyd Colored Fall

1. Bell Peppers 2. Purple Carrots 3. Eggplants and Tomatoes Has anyone else noticed that fall is looking a little more saturated this year? I am seeing brighter, richer, friendlier shades of tomato red, orange, purple and green all over the stores right now. It’s a distinctive color combo and it’s EVERYWHERE this week. At […]

Thinking in Swatches

Never thought I would get up on the interwebs and sing the praises of teal and gray. Yet here we are, a week after I took this picture, and I’m looking to insert these colors into everything in sight. Last night I started wrapping a butter yellow napkin around to my old green garden hose […]

Mailbox Candy

If you have ever received mail from me there is a decent chance it looked something like this. I call it mailbox candy. OK, so I admit, it looks a little like a rainbow threw up. But I don’t mind… The landlord thinks it’s hilarious when I drop off rent checks smeared in pink and […]

Name that Pink!

Every year, the good people at Pantone pull together color experts from around the world to predict design trends and to select the Color of the Year. 2010 Color of the Year: Turquoise 2011 Color of the Year: Honeysuckle From Pantone:   While the 2010 color of the year, PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise, served as an […]

Thanks, Rats!

Look what I found… Took out the garbage this weekend and do you know what I found? The most extraordinary turquoise and purple berries. Aren’t they wonderful? Y’all, I swear to you these images are not photoshoped.  This is the real deal. They are turqoise and purple. Now, when was the last time you saw […]

Autumn Wreath 2010

Can you spot Lola? Her autumnal camouflage is seamless! Tomato Red & Turquoise, Oh My!  Sweater weather is here and I couldn’t be happier. Mother Nature has turned my little tree lined street into a beautiful, golden riot of color. Mother Nature will never be outdone but I can certainly do my part to color […]

Paint Chip Art

Artwork courtesy of Behr, Premium Paint Chips. Pudding Face Kitty Snoof courtesy of Tzeitel, The Cat. Did you hear that? It’s the sound of my Crazy Cat Lady Ranking exploding. Yes, again. Totally worth it. Kitty and the artwork belong to my friend Bird, who is not only my bestie, neighbor, and aunt to Lola, […]

Adventures in Chinatown

Some women are crazy about shoes. Some like diamonds. Some like small dogs…house wares…cosmetics…Beanie Babies… Me? I’m all about paper. Any kind of paper: wrapping paper, tissue paper, candy wrappers, coffee filters, old maps, vintage books, foreign magazines, blue prints, dryer sheets, Monopoly money, craft scraps, postcards, damaged holiday decorations…I compulsively hoard save it. Joss […]