The Waiter Test

Hand Letter Pressed Poster by Rob Bratney

I wish someone had told me this when I was a kid. It would have saved a lot of heartache and drama along the road.

I suppose becoming a good judge of character is an skill that comes from years of trail and error, but I for one would gladly pay an extra nickel in taxes if it meant that we could see this poster hanging on the wall of every schoolhouse in the country.

Some lessons are too important.


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    On my first date with my husband this is the first thing I really noticed about him — rather than treating the waitstaff as robots or servants, he treated them as people. And 12 years after that first date, he’s still nice to everyone! 🙂

    Great poster. I think we need it in our house!

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    I used to be friends with a girl who was always rude to the servers when we went out for dinner. Once she became a waitress her attitude dramatically changed. I can always tell the people who have had to work customer service jobs from the ones who have not!

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    I dumped a guy once because he was so uppity and rude to the waitress. I saw him in a whole new light!!!! x

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    I couldn’t agree more. So much so that I just purchased the poster for my living room.

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    GREAT sign!!! I once saw my step-daughter treat the waitstaff horrible and was really upset. I worked as a bus-person, then a waitress, so I have real respect for someone who does that job. It is HARD work. But, great experience.

    My husband treats them well, so no problem there. He was a cook, so he knows all about the restaurant business!

    Keep ’em coming, Aunt Peaches.

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    True that. My MIL is the wooorst! She’s from Brooklyn so it is rude with a NY accent. YIKES!

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    Oh yeah, I make it a point to be super sweet to the waitstaff, what a horrid job. So glad I don’t have to do it anymore! lol

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    Yes, yes, a million times, YES! And by the way… your political sign reuses last week were brilliant – kudos to you!

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    Having put in my time as a waitress (and as a retail worker), I can guarantee there are people who consider you sub-human. You want to be careful who you denigrate unless you want someone to spit in your salad.

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    Testify. I would dearly love to cross stitch that on some pillows and give them to several people I know.

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    Having been a waitress, as well as a special event server, I certainly can appreciate this sentiment! This looks like it would be a great way to get the point across to kids that they need to be kind to everyone…thanks for sharing!

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    I also just purchased this for our home!
    But I have a question- what about rude waiters? sometimes they’re just as rude and uncaring as the customer- how do you guys think you should react to a rude and sloppy waiter/ waitress?

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    I am so glad you all are buying these posters. Yay for supporting independent artists!

    Also, I’m thinking about writing a post about other sorts of character tests. You know, like “you can tell a lady by the way she blows here nose” …”never trust a skinny cook”…”never marry a man who hates his mother” …etc etc… pearls of wisdom. Anyone have any good ones they wish someone had told them sooner? Leave in the comments or send me an email 🙂

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    What about blowing your nose? I never heard that one. A real gentleman always stands up when a lady leaves or approaches the table. I have one of those at home. He is also really, really nice to servers, doormen, etc. Sometimes he is irritating. I was talking to him on the phone a few weeks ago, and he said, “It was so kind of you to call,’ and I said, “It’s me, not one of your clients!” Let’s have some more garbage flowers!! Ann

  15. Anonymous says

    I found this to be 100% correct and is why if I go on any dates I request that the first one always be a dinner date.

    I have found that guys who might treat you like you were gold but a tyrant to the waitstaff slip into treating you as poorly as they have the waitstaff once they feel that they have you hooked.

  16. Anonymous says

    Well I’m nice to servers until they start flirting with my hubby then the tip goes down hill…hehe

    Nice blog you have here.

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    One of my friends likes to say “you can tell more about someone by what they like than by what they ARE like”. So true!

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