Upcycling Plastic Signs, Project Three: Jewelry Organizer

The secret is out: I hoard pearls.

Some people like diamonds, but I’m all about pearls. Actually, I’m all about chocolate, but that’s a story for another time…

Most of my jewelry is strewn around the house so I wanted a place to display the strands that I don’t wear very often. Mostly sentimental favorites, they are too pretty to be kept in a box. I want them up and out where I can see them! Enter, once again ladies and gentlemen: Corrugated Plastic.

Continuing with the theme of finding new, practical ways to recycle annoying, leftover political signs, here is an easy project with endless possibilities. Hooks in a frame—how easy is that?

This idea came from a local bead store that lines their walls with pegboard and hooks. I love pegboard, but it can get expensive and corrugated plastic makes a great substitute.


  • One sheet corrugated plastic, preferably salvaged from a street or yard sign
  • Fabric of your choice (paper would work too, but a woven fabric will ensure the hooks don’t budge or tear)
  • Drapery Hooks (I found a bag of 14 for $1.79 at the hardware store, but fabric stores sometimes carry as well)
  • Glue or duct tape


  • Picture Frame
  • Small accessory box with zip tie(s) to attach

  • Adhere your fabric to the corrugated plastic. Learning Curb: don’t use super lightweight fabric or the sign lettering might show through when the light shines just right. Like when you want to photograph it for your blog. And don’t use stripes because they are a Royal Pain to align just right and then you’ll stay up half the night attempting to tug them into place, only to fail. Fail. FAIL.
  • Use the pointy end of the hook to make a hole and pierce it into the plastic. If you are going to hang heavy items, be sure the hook is set against the grain (ie: the hook is jabbed into multiple layers of the inner corrugated bits. Wow. I really know my technical terms, huh?)
  • If you like, add a small accessory box. I just made a couple incisions in an old black watch box and fastened it on with a zip tie. Gosh, I should take a picture of that next time! 

Make sure Miss Kitty gets to play with the pearls a bit before you hang them up.


  1. says

    Oooh, I like the way you used those drapery hooks with the pointy ends as hangers, you clever girl! I see tons of those at the thrift store. Must pick them up next time…

    Don’t you hate when it takes forever to get something to lay just right? I feel for you as this happens to me at least once a week, so I sympathize GREATLY.

    Peaches, I wanted to say thanks for the lovely Valentine’s Card I received in the mail last week! I actually recognized your writing and thought, oops, that Peaches must have made a mistake. But NO. The card was for ME! You’re such a sweetie to think of me. Made me feel good, that’s for sure. Thanks so much!



  2. says

    Flippin’ GENIUS! And just when I’m trolling the web in search of clever jewelry display ideas, to boot. Karma, baby. It’s all about the karma.

  3. says

    I love that you allude that creativeness does not always run parellel to being a neat-nik. The word “strewn” is very high on my list of ‘most used words.’

    But ~ your ‘plastic sign organizing projects’ may change all (OK ~ SOME) of that.

    I work for a political organization and will be scouring dark closets for plastic signs = O

  4. says

    I love hearing about re-using the corrugated plastic signs. However, all the signs my political folks used are not the corrugated ones. =-( wah!

  5. says

    Yet another genius idea! Now I just need to figure out how to jump the median barrier and grab that huge sign I’ve been seeing off the highway!

  6. says

    P.S. – Have you ever thought about the cathartic aspect of using the political signs? I get a little giddy about the idea of ripping up some of the signs I’ve seen!

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    this is so cute! I might need to make one! i just came up with a way to hang my earrings, it saves so much space & uses them as art when they’re not being worn! i’ll make a post soon, make sure to stop by 🙂

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    Wow, what a great way to display fun and sparkly things! Thanks for the low down!

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    Whee! This is so brilliant! I have always hated those hooks, they are so mean and sharp. but now I think I might love them – what a great project!

    • says

      I just rimmed the edges with duck tape. You could glue down felt if you wanted, or something. Your call.

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