Twenty Years Ago Today

Stuckey’s truck stops make the best pecan candy. It’s so amazing, we’ll forgive them for spelling “y’all” wrong.

This photo was taken March 21, 1991. Twenty years ago today.

I remember because it was my half birthday, and back then, something as momentous as a half birthday seemed pretty darn important.

We were on an excursion to Vicksburg, outside Stuckey’s getting gas and pecan log rolls. I was goofing off and taking pictures of my cousins using scotch tape to deform their faces when my Uncle Tom leaned over and quietly suggested we take a  photo of the sign. He said, You’ll want to remember this one day.

I obliged and didn’t think much of it. I knew the Gulf War had just ended and all the adults were talking about the price of gas and how ticked off they were that it hadn’t gone back to being under a dollar a gallon. Funny thing is, somehow, in my mind, I honestly thought Uncle Tom meant I would one day tell my children about the time…When I was a kid and there was a war on and we were willing to pay as much as $1.13 a gallon!

Truth is Uncle Tom worked in the oil industry for decades and probably saw what was coming today. You ought to hear what he has to say about tomorrow….

I think $1.13 looks pretty good right now.


  1. says

    I love Stuckey’s! We used to drive down to St. Augustine every summer to visit my grandmother and we would always stop at a Stuckey’s. I bought Mexican jumping beans and my dad always bought a box of peanut brittle. But back then gas was about 28 cents a gallon!

  2. Anonymous says

    Uncle Tom sounds smart.
    3 words…. Buy a hybrid!

  3. says

    What a cool photo, with “youall” and the two flags…

    It feels even older than 1991, don’t you think?

  4. says

    I still remember the summer of 1998 when gas was as low as 88 cents per gallon. I wish that I believed we could get back there again someday!

  5. says

    what DOES he say now about tomorrow. i remember stuckey’s… and i remember deforming our faces with scotch tape. 1991… big year. the photo looks so aged… how funny.

  6. says

    Aww- seems there was (is?) a Stuckey’s up around Dallas/Fort Worth we used to stop at on our road trips when I was a kid. What a flash back. But when I was a kid gas way less. One summer we trippped to Colorado and gas was 50cents and Dad was livid. “It’ll be over a dollar before you know it.” Wow….

  7. says

    Great photo. I could handle a dollar and 18 cents a gallon! Then again minimum wage in 1991 was only $4.25 an hour.


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