Snacking with Nancy Reagan

Am I the only person under 80 who keeps a candy-nut dish?
Don’t answer that.
Suppose it’s an old fashioned thing to do, but I genuinely like to keep a little something to nosh on. Especially dainty, festive little snacks like these salted nuts and candied chocolate eggs. 
And, really, just keeping it out on the coffee table makes me feel like Nancy Reagan –ready and willing to entertain the ladies of the Junior League in a moments notice. 
Ahem, of course, Nancy Reagan never kept a sports car sized pile of laundry in her living room either.  But if she did, I’m pretty sure it would be because she neglected her folding duties because her fingers were dirty from noshing on all that festive candy. 
Legit excuse, No?  
Screw the Junior league, Nan! Let’s have some chocolate!


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    Absolutely a legit excuse. At least that’s what I tell myself as I wade through our piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen…

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    I have to start putting out nuts and candy. I want to be like Nancy Reagan too. You could shape the laundry into a couch shape and no one would be the wiser…

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    Michele, that couch business is the best idea you ever had.

    And you have a lot of really good ideas!

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    I have a candy bowl! Not a duel candy-nut dish, but it’s close 🙂 It’s a vintage green glass hobnail pedestal bowl with ruffly edges, and looks very pretty filled with salt water taffy.

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    Eep! (The sound I made when I read “sports car sized pile of laundry in the living room.”)

    Love the dish! I’m glad those are candy eggs and not Jordan almonds, my least favorite candy.

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    I googled “old lady candy dish” and it lead to your adorable blog! I linked back to you as the source! My friends will love your blog. One of the best I have seen!

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