05 April 2011

Egg Tuffets Gone Wild

Check out my tie-dye egg tuffets in the April issue of Disney Family Fun magazine. It's a fun little way to display eggs using coffee filters and an old toilet paper roll. And really, isn't it just fun to say egg tuffets?

I sure think so.

Oodles of good ideas in this issue, including this idea for coloring eggs with melted crayons. Good stuff!



  1. Ooh, you are published again! Congrats on another Disney article, the tuffets are cute, sweet and perfect for li'l kids.

  2. These are so pretty Peaches! Congratulations on the publication!!! Holy mackerel that is COOL!!!

  3. Wow, wonderful! and yes, love the dance of those words " egg tuffet"!
    Congrats Aunt Peaches!

  4. Pretty!!!! And put in a publication on top of it all, that just "tuffs" it all! Good job, Peaches!

  5. Published tuffets! Love, love!! Congrats, Peaches.

  6. How cute is that! Congrats!!! You are putting me so in the easter mood!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. I got this mag at my house saw it before I knew it was yours! So cool. Congrats!

    ~New fan of your site :)

  8. Thanks Y'all! It really is a great magazine. Check it out when you can :)


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