What can I craft from a headless crow?


Came home yesterday to find a box of random craft supplies from Heather at Dollar Store crafts. As part of her April Stash Busting challenge, nine other recipients and myself are charged with making goodies from the contents of the box, filled with goodies from her own personal craft stash.

Stay tuned. This box is chalk full of all kinds of potential.

I’ll be sharing the love as soon as I can churn it out 🙂

Lola decided she wanted to get creative, too.

She made supper.

See, the box included a lovely, not to mention realistic, black crow.  I left it out on the coffee table overnight and when I woke up this morning, it appeared Lola had dragged it to her favorite rug and decapitated it.

Poor thing never saw it coming 🙁

Now the question is; what can I craft from a headless crow?


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    Now there’s a challenge! Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you. Sounds like a really fun project to get you thinking outside the box!

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    Oh, yayyyyy! You are going to have so much fun w/Heather’s goodies! Can’t wait to see your creative results.

    My idea for the truncated crow: use him to embellish a frame for a copy of that famous Gothic poem about a truncated crow. You know the one I mean, right?

    “Nevermo'” by Ed Al Po.

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    Michelle, you crack me up! Didn’t you stash bust last year? I can’t believe I lucked out. I never win anything!

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    I think if you make him a lovely turtleneck, dicky, or large scarf no one would ever know he was removed from his head for a while. 😛

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    Haha! Becca Jo how did you find a video of the Fozzy Bear “waka waka waka” Raven? Best part is the kitty! Then again, the best part is always the kitty!

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    Look at that loot! can’t wait to see what you make with it all!

    the headless crow… how could you use it? wow that’s a toughie eh? um… geez… If it were me I’d just glue it back on and then videotape Lola as she re-discovers it again. I wonder if she’d be confused?

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    That would be a flying dinosaur. Maybe with a little glitter. If you found a lot of them you could make a menorah. What is with your cat? Seems like she wants to get even with you because you go to work. I came back from a trip to Florida from taking care of my parents. My dogs were kind of happy to see me, but didn’t overdo it. Three days later, the older one coughs up THREE socks. They weren’t even mine, they were the dog sitter’s. They are smarter than we think. Ann

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    NUTBIRD! I was just talking about you with Dale (Loitering Dog) last night. Can you PLEASE start a blog or open your profile or email me so I can track you? You can’t just tell me stories about a sock coughing dog and leave me hangin!

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    I wrote you an answer about three days ago, then it disappeared in Ohio. I was driving cross country with my two chocolate labs because they are too good to fly. I have been in Florida for months taking care of my parents. But I was driving from Colorado. The Nutbirds are making their quarterly procession from Colorado to Connecticut. I started a blog, but I don’t like the colors and I haven’t added any content yet. I might have even put you on my blog roll. I have a really funny story about my Alzheimer’s mother and reading Loitering dogs essays to her. (Hint: it has to do with maids and underpants) But I need to write it out first. I want to see more cute handcrafted shoes!! Later Ann

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    Remember in toy story when the malicious neighbour Sid mutilated toys? there was a bunch of head switching going on up in there…maybe you could find something in your “toys not for kids” drawer to, erm, genetically alter? ;D it’d be a good Halloween thing. (even though that’s months away) You could even make a whole family of them, and arrange them somewhere as a creepy nativity-scene-esque October decoration. 🙂

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