11 April 2011

Ashley's Cupcake Wreath

Last summer I was at a backyard barbecue when I spotted a little girl. While the other children were playing hide and seek indoors, she sat happily on a bench by herself, blowing bubbles, singing a song from the top of her head. I don’t recall the exact tune but it was something about a sand castle and mustard bottles. She wore glittered shoes, a polka dot dress and a tiara.

After introducing myself and complementing her on her musical stylings, I asked her why she was wearing a tiara. Looking up from her bubble wand, she stared me straight in the eye and answered, rather proudly, “Because I can.

Clearly, I had to meet this child’s mother.

Since then I have so enjoyed getting to know her mom, Ashley, who is All Kinds of Crafty. Seriously, the woman lives with jellybean colored walls (!!!) Until Ashley starts a blog, she has been kind enough to share a couple of her projects with me, including her version of the Easter wreath I posted last week. 

Folks, seriously, how cool is this?

I think I like her version better than the original. It’s so fun. So happy looking. The colors. The patterns. THE TINKER TAPE.

Perhaps this is an Easter project but it feels a bit like a birthday party. Or Mardi Gras. Or Cinco De Mayo. Or Tuesday. Why should we hang a cupcake wreath on our doors every Tuesday?

Because we can.



  1. you can't go wrong with pink and turquoise! i would love to see this hanging in darla's room. i'll bet darla would be down for it too!

  2. Dang I want to make one! That looks so fun!

  3. I agree, she needs a blog so I can read more! I want to see a pic of this lil girl ;}

  4. Only one word to describe that wreath. VIVACIOUS!!! You inspired this, Peaches. Obviously!

  5. My kind of kid! Love the wreath...and the sentiment. "Because I can."

  6. lurve it! Lurve this piece and I lurve seeing variations on a simple concept. I lurve sayin lurve too!

  7. This is such a fantastic wreath...I am in love with the colors and whimsical feel!


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