Cultural Osmosis

Last Saturday morning, without even thinking, I grabbed a bunch of paper bags, cut some spirals, and went to town wrapping a waffle iron as a bridal shower gift that afternoon (read: I was in a rush and had given up on trying to make a waffle iron look cute). No idea what I was doing, I just had a mission and ‘brown spirals’ on the brain. Twenty minutes later a parcel emerged looking swell, and yet, slightly familiar.

Fast forward to this morning, as was uploading my photos to Flickr while reading the news, the picture above flashed up in contrast with Princess Beatrice’s celebrated (and hated) Flying Spaghetti Monster Hat
AND LOOK Y’ALL, THEY COULD BE SISTERS. But this sister is a waffle iron. Who knew?
Isn’t it crazy how these ideas seep into our subconscious and come out in the funniest places? I had no clue I was wrapping that waffle iron Flying Spaghetti Monster style. Guess there is no getting away from cultural osmosis. 


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    Snort! Totally flying spaghetti monster!

    My god, imagine how much cuter Beatrice woulda been wearing your embellished waffle iron! No comparison.

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    Golly, I love a woman who can make a paper bag look like Princess Beatrice’s (hideous) hat…

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    Your sweet gift is definitely a case of cultural osmosis! Spaghetti monster sisters in beige.

    Oh Beatrice…. Do you have no one who will kindly take you aside and rescue you from yourself BEFORE you go outside with such… things on your head?

    I guess not.

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    Neatly wrapped parcel= pretty, inventive, altogether really good. Picture frame turned hat turned antlers turned target= bad. VERY bad. A whole new world of bad. Oh so bad! (btw, the captcha for this post is drain.)

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    Hi! I love your wrapping paper, but have a totally different take on the hat…. check out my view and why I love it!

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    Now every time I see that hat I’m going to want chicken and waffles.

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    This is awesome. Love the gift wrap and love that you put 2 and 2 together!

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