Aluminum Gift Tags

Well folks, this may go down as The December That Kicked My Butt. The week before Christmas is usually when I am at my most creative and productive and tinsel covered, but instead, I find myself climbing new heights of laziness, including ordering pizza and toilet paper online. Ahem. I didn’t even even pick up the phone to […]

Painted Gift Bags

Remember that time when you had nothing else to do two weeks before Christmas and spent hours lovingly painting gift wrap for your friends and family? No? Hmmm….well, remember that time you freaked out because you were leaving town and instead of doing your work you went into a manic surge of creative energy and […]

Giftwrap with Pompoms

For someone who dips into their pompom stash every other day, I really ought to figure out how to spell the name. Pompom? Pom-poms? Pom Poms? Last week I got an email from a guy named “Christopher” wanting to buy ad space on my blog for a Chinese company that sells commercial grade pipe parts. […]

Wrapped in the Gift of Polka

When it comes to gift giving, sometimes the wrapper is as good as the gift (if not better). Today on Apartment Therapy, I have a quick and easy DIY on making gift boxes from old record sleeves.  Pop over to Apartment Therapy to check it out!

Giant Candy Bar Gift Box

Ten years ago I ran a side business making centerpieces for Bar and Bat Mitzavahs. They were large, hotel ballroom type affairs filled with loud music, bad food, lycra-clad dance teams, and people named Mel.  I loved it. My work was not much to look at. It was a lot of soccer players. Magician hats. […]

Stay Classy, Double-Stick

There are people in this world who say, “Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.” I am not one of them.  If one of them should find themselves on my gift list this year, well, they’ll have to suck it up and get ready for a big ol’ smooch. I have a big glittery batch […]

Box’n and Cookie Swap’n

Cookie swaps are just about my favorite thing in the world. They are like a potluck party but instead of bringing food everyone brings cookies, and instead of leaving drunk and tired everyone leaves with…wait for it…more cookies. What is not to like? I have been cookie swapping with a handful of former co-workers for […]

Christmas Just Got Fonty

I decided to make some of my own wrapping paper this year. Now, normally I’m all for paint and glue and glitter, but sometimes it’s nice to keep it clean. Not that I’m not giving up my sparkle tooth anytime soon,  folks. But when it’s the first week of December and I’m knee deep in […]

Postcard From A Hoarder: Gift Bows

I am in the process of cleaning out my craft room. While I’m sorting things out, I decided to designate a drawer to ribbon… …. then that drawer split and begat two more drawers, one for loose fabric ribbon, and one for spooled ribbon; then that drawer begat three drawers, one for curling ribbon, one […]