The Giveaway I’m Not Giving Away

Mystery thing modeling courtesy of Badass Besty”Don’t make me look crazy!” Kiki 

Here is a project I started six months ago and never finished. Has this ever happened to you? I blame it on cable television. Darn you Bravo!

…so now I’m clearing out the cupboards…tossing junk left and right…and here it is, rearing it’s unruly head, waggling a finger at me and my lack of productivity. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that there is too much time invested into this thing to give up on it.

Kermit the Frog as my whiteness, I am going to finish this thing tonight.

Bad news: Even after it’s finished, I will no longer have use or space for it.

Good news: Someone else might want it, so sound the trumpets, I’m giving it away!

I know what you are thinking: But, um, Peaches, errrr, what is it?

And here is where you come in! Leave a comment below with your best guess and if you guess it right, you win the finished product. If multiple people guess the correctly, I’ll do a random drawing between all those who guess correctly.  In the off chance more than ten people guess correctly, I’ll draw six random winners, one will win The Thing, the other five will receive something I previously made with my own two hands (I’m moving y’all: there is a lot to unload!)

* Note: The winner will be chosen Sunday, August 7 at 9pm CST
* Note: Please be sure your email address is linked to your profile, or leave it with your comment (if your’e not sure, leave it in the comment) Comments are now closed. Thank you to all who participated!

This is sort of like Michelle L’s  “Guess the Mystery Thing” style giveaway where the fun comes in at the reveal. So put your brain to work and make your best guess: What is it?


  1. Janna says

    A hanging planter basket!

  2. says

    JHill took my answer. i still want it though, even though i already have a peaches lamp (which i LOVE).

  3. says

    Hee! I love this! She looks gorgeous in that…er, um…well. Pendant lampshade is too obvious. I think. You wouldn’t make a pendant lampshade out of a pendant lampshade frame, would you, Peaches? Nah!

    I will guess fluffy decorative fruit bowl.

  4. says

    lampshade wounds good but I’m going with planter something

  5. says

    What is it now or what will it be?? I’m guessing a hat to wear to the next royal wedding. Nah, I’m going with a lamp shade. And by the way, it’s adorable.

  6. says

    I thought it looks like a lampshade w/ plastic bag flowers

  7. says

    I think that would make a great container in the bathroom for the towels that are rolled up tight, sticking up, standing at attention, with that big beautiful flower on one side!!! 🙂

  8. says

    So Sunday, or the 6th?

    (psst…today is Saturday the 6th)


    What, that’s descriptive!

  9. Anonymous says

    Is it embellished with corn husk?? I think its vegetable basket!!
    ~ Nush

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