Spangled Flannel Lanterns

 I can’t stop thinking about these flannel lanterns from Free People‘s series of store displays. I’m not going to make them because 1. I don’t have space 2. I’m moving 3. I already have to pack 23 homemade light fixtures and for someone who lives in a 5 room apartment, that’s pretty effing impressive.

So you have to make one and tell me how it turns out. K?

Bounce over to Building 25 (Free People’s blog) and watch the video. And pop around while you’re there: mucho nifty stuff.



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    What about making these from the legs of my Target Sock Monkey pajamas? You have 5 rooms? Very luxurious for the middle of a city. Ann

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    You always find the most amazing diy lamps! You’re moving?! I just went through that, and may have to do it again. Where are you going?

    xo Mary Jo

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    Oh miss Peaches, you never cease to amaze me. That looks right up your alley and as soon as you get settled in your new digs I know you are going to start working on one of these. They look like something this menopausal gal would do on a crazy night when she is mad at the world and wants to take it out on her craft room! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for finding… I’m kind of liking for a Christmas display. Will check them out.

    Our lives are somewhat in sync. We’re blessed to have our upstate Baby Grands for a week, while my son and d-i-l move into a beautiful new home. And, on top of that, I have a candy dish story for my blog, in which I’ll link you, if you don’t mind. Will have to wait till after Labor Day, though. I’m sort of in hiatus.

    Mucho, mucho good luck to you in your new digs, Auntie Peaches… and as much sunshine as you spread! Nicki

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