Goody Bag Giveaway: Autumn Paper Goods

I am not organized enough to keep a proper fanci-fied scrapbook, but that doesn’t prevent me from appreciating the tools of the trade! This goody bag has all sorts of my favorite things, perfect for playing with paper or decorating your home for Halloween and Thanksgiving. All items are new, unopened, and ready to go!
One lucky winner will receive….
  • K&Company Autumnal Specialty Paper, 12″x12″, double sided, 24 count
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Spider Web Punch Around the Page
  • Two sets of Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Themed Beverage Labels (one reads FROG SYRUP!!), six count each
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Rat Silhouettes, 12 count
  • Five, Inkadinkado Halloween and Thanksgiving Rubber Stamps
  • K&Company Paper Pumpkin Boxes Kit, 235 pieces (these are so cute it hurts!)
  • Two, Jolees Boutique three dimensional stickers, seven and 13 pieces each
  • Two, EK Sticko glittery stickers (THERE IS A GLITTERED TURKEY Y’ALL), 14 and 17 pieces each
This week’s Goody Bag Giveaways are open to anyone, anywhere, no “following” necessary. To enter, leave a comment answering the question below. No more than one comment, per person, per post, please. Be sure your email address is included in the comment or via online profile. All Goody Bag winners will be announced 8am CST Monday, September 26, 2011
What was your favorite Halloween costume?


  1. says

    Hm, my favorit halloween costume…a spider. I hat real spiders but as a costume especially for halloween would be nice…

  2. Janice says

    My daughter dressed as Rainbow Bright in the late 1980’s and it was adorable.I made it from a McCalls pattern and our little white poodle went as her sidekick. Trick-or-treating was such fun! What sweet memories!

  3. says

    I loved being a punk rocker when I was in grade school… I was such a good kid I loved being something that edgy! My favorite that I made my son was an organ grinder monkey… So cute!

  4. says

    My friends Becka, Jeri Lynn and I once went as the Marx Bros. I was Groucho. I loved that. sarahphim65(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. says

    my favorite costume was my gypsy one…i was about 12 years old, and felt so pretty with my flowy skirt and big hoop earrings… 🙂

  6. says

    Mine was my Geisha costume. I made the Kimono and found the shoes and wig. My husband went as a pirate that year so we were East meets West. I wore it again when I was 5 months pregnant.. it was the only thing I could get away with. Boy, the looks I got.. a pregnant Geisha!

  7. says

    I just used my daily work clothes (new ones, don’t worry) which I wear at the lab while working with virus ^^

    Friends said that it was especially spooky because they weren’t so sure whether my ideas of combining different virus strains, getting the world under my control, try to be a little frankenstein… were really jokes ^^

  8. says

    My favorite costume was a bunch of blueberries complete with blue balloons attached front and back, blue makeup and a stem hat! Hah!

  9. rubylew says

    When I was 10 my best friend and I dressed as a pair of dice. We spent all night spray painting huge boxes in my parents basement.

  10. says

    Sounds weird, but I loved my old costumes you bought in the box. You know, the plastic mask with an elastic strap, two eye holes and a little mouth hole and the plastic jumpsuit you put on. I was a classic witch in one of those, lol.


  11. says

    My favorite costume was when my cousin and I went as a two headed monster. We made the costume out of a box and each of us only had one arm out, we had to keep both legs out though…we were both kinda clumsy. So, a two headed, two armed, and four legged monster. We had matching shirts and pants and the box was our body and our makeup co-ordinated also.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. says

    I have very pale skin, and almost black hair…so my awesome grandmother made me a Snow White costume when I was 7.

  13. Anonymous says

    I had a great Witch costume that had a short swirly cape that my Nana made. I wore it several years, then we turned the cape into a veil and I was a nun.

  14. says

    My fave is a costume of the Fall (Autumn) – boho style skirt and top in autumn shades, decorated with yellow and red leaves, leave head band, amber jewelry – easy to create your own look with most you got on hand, add a matching wig – and the effect is dazzling. I also like other season’s costumes created along the same lines. Thanks for a wonderful givaway!

  15. says

    My favorite costume that I wore was my punky, badass, Red Riding Hood costume. I found a wolf head that was meant to be a hat (I know!), so I used black electrical tape to put X’s over it’s eyes and clipped it to my belt. My friend Scott went out with me that night and dressed as a crazed, bloodsoaked lumberjack.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love Halloween crafty goodies!

  16. says

    I dressed up as pippi longstocking once. the original swedish version with that smock thing and suspenders. very fun and comfortable costume.

  17. says

    My mom made all my costumes as a kid. In 3rd grade a was a giant candy bag. I wore a huge orange felt box with a jack o lantern face in black felt and tons of candy glued to my shoulders and head. I thought it was really cool, but looking back it was VERY awkward.

  18. says

    My favorite costum was a witch one. In fact I’m still having it. Thanks for the opportunity to win this yummy blog candy.

  19. says

    When I was really little, my mom made me a lamb costume. My dad painted my nose black and I presume I was adorable. I also couldn’t say Ls so I told people I was a yam. I think my mom still has the costume so I might let my kids wear it once I have kids.

  20. says

    One year I got all-forked up. Uh-huh I was a fork. My hat, which was about 2 feet tall, was the tines and the rest of me was the handle (that year I used my skinniness to my advantage). I was darn proud of myself for that one. But no there are no pictures very very sadly 🙁

  21. says

    My favorite is every year! So last year when I was Rosie the Riveter. I even had a metal lunch box with my name on it!

  22. says

    I was superman and I had two stong men carrying me around all night so I could imagine I was flying. That was super great!

  23. says

    I guess my favorite as an adult was when I wore my old wedding dress with a pillow stuffed in my stomach. As a kid my favorite was when I was Johnny Appleseed. I wore a pot on my head. Ann

  24. says

    I never really had a favorite costume as a kid…just whatever we could pull together. (my mom hated sewing and we didn’t have much money) so…I’d have to say everything on my kids would be my favorite! This year the plan is to do a Mario theme for my three boys and hubby…my 4 year old’s favorite game!

  25. says

    My favorite…a waitress on roller skates. I got to spend the day rollerskating through the elementary school because the staff was not sure what the rule was. I felt like such a pioneer and such a rebel’

    Love from Lori C.

  26. says

    When my Molly was 2, 25 years ago, i made her the finest, spangliest, shinyest, mermaid costume ever.

  27. says

    My favourite costume was a bag of M & M’s. I made a clear plastic sack with holes for may arms and legs and filled it with balloons. Under it all a wore a black body suit and tights. I loved it because I had dieted and exercised until I could wear that bodysuit. Now it is just a distant memory.
    I have made my kids every costume you can think of and then a few more. They wore them all year round for dress up and “plays ” in the backyard. Costumes are too much fun to just wear once a year.

  28. Anonymous says

    A couple of years ago when my son was 12, he was a zombie coming out of a grave. Cardboard box over his shoulders, covered with real grass and dirt. His face painted up with a RIP grave stone behind it. It was great.

  29. Anonymous says

    Several years ago, I went as Mia Wallace (think Pulp Fiction, black wig, cigarette, syringe poking out of my chest). Very Fun!

  30. Anonymous says

    A friend of mine managed to collect (ie:destroy) a plethora of Blackberry phones so his son covered himself with the damaged devices, along with some leaves and twigs – we went as a Blackberry bush! I thought that was pretty clever…

  31. says

    Last year just before Halloween, my best friend Simon made a beautiful dirigible for a steampunk art show. During the art opening it went too fast on the wire it was “flying” across the room on and it smashed into a wall. Right after it smashed a woman yelled, “oh the humanity!” So for Halloween Simon sewed the most amazing, softest, “oh the huge manitee” costume ever. It’s basically like wearing a life size manitee stuffed animal. Needless to say, he got many hugs from the ladies on Halloween.

  32. says

    I really loved the year I dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. My mom and I made the costume, right down to dying sheets the perfect copper green.

  33. says

    Oooo love this giveaway! My fave halloween costume was last year: the hubs and I went as zombies and looked AWESOME! we won best costume at the party we went to 🙂 that was the first time i chose a “scary” costume and it was so fun! I scared the crap out of one of our friends, it was so funny! You can see a great photo here:

    Also, it’s my birthday this week too! Today, actually 🙂 Happy birthday to us, Peaches!

    jamiepentak {at} gmail {dot} com

  34. says

    When I was an angsty pre-teen, I dressed up as The Crow. The movie had just come out, and I started the night feeling so cool, but nobody knew who I was. That was the last year I went trick or treating. Alas!

  35. Anonymous says

    I was a young tyke and wore one of those super-cheap costumes-in-a-box. I have vivid memories of the plastic smell of the mask and cutting my tongue on its mouth slit. It wasn’t until this year when I found the costume at a flea market (squee!)in its original box (double-squee!)that I realized it was supposed to be Cinderella. I always thought it was a superhero lady.

  36. says

    When I was little I loved to dress up as a gypsy. I just wanted to wear make-up and jewelry.

  37. says

    I think my favorite was when my mom made me a witch costume but I did love the ones in the box too! Thanks for the chance to win a give away for your birthday! dianahj123 at yahoo dot com

  38. Anonymous says

    HANDS DOWN: the time I was Cyndi Lauper. I was about 5 and *Girls Just Wanna Have Fun* was my favorite song. Love to look at those pics!

    mahgwi21 at yahoo

  39. Anonymous says

    My favorite costume was actually my brother’s – my mom made him a homemade ET costume that was so detailed. Wish we still had it! Happy Birthday, by the way!
    kristinebogle [at] gmail [dot] com

  40. says

    In sixth grade, my dad made me a robot costume. It was pretty amazing.

  41. says

    My parents didn’t celebrate Halloween and then, once I went to college, my friends weren’t into it. So I’ve only dressed up twice (so sad!). Once I was a hobo (my parents caved when I was 4 or 5) -what a cop out, mom! A hobo? That’s not even politically correct.

    I guess my fave- husband and I went as a nuclear explosion a couple of years ago. Wondering how that worked out? Well, if I win, I’ll post pics of it! 😉

    lemonjitters at gmail dot com

  42. says

    I was 8.5 months pregnant last Halloween, so I dressed up as “late in life” Elvis. An extra benefit of this costume (and being pregnant in general) is that most of the night you can walk around with fried chicken, a jelly doughnut or fried pickles 🙂

  43. says

    Twice I have been a “traveling artist” and once I won the contest at work as most creative person, of course! I wore a white shirt and a beret, splattered with paint, my hair and face was splattered too, then I wore roller skates and skated all day. I had a paint brush and small painted creations in my breast pocket. It was great. I felt famous!!!

  44. Anonymous says

    A couple years ago, when I was in elementary school, I dressed up as mac and cheese. I got a huge amount of toilet paper rolls and spray painted them orangey yellow. I remember befriending the janitor and staying after school to collect empty toilet paper rolls from the washrooms. I used a bunch of paper mache to create the bowl and wore my black tights and bodysuit (from dance) underneath the costume. I turned out bigger than I expected though, I had to put it on in the backyard since it wouldn’t fit through the door! It was all worth it, I got alot compliments and extra candy in a sea of bought pre-made and TV characters. I always have been quite ‘original’…:)

    My email is Stephanie_rose (at) live (dot) ca

  45. says

    When I was pregnant for my second child and quite large, I dressed as Santa. I must have done a great job with my make up because none of my friends knew who I was! It was hilarious and made an awkward time very happy.

  46. says

    My fav costume was Catwoman. Back when I was little, me and my grandmother worked very diligently sewing separate pieces of vinyl together to form the suit. It was Tim Burton style catwoman, so we used fabric paint to make the crazy stitching that was in the movies.

  47. says

    We couldn’t talk my nieces into being a Christmas tree and present, so my sister-in-law and I made costumes and dressed up instead. I got to be the tree, and I even had blinking lights!

    My email is Eleanor (dot) e (dot) Daigle at gmail (dot) com

  48. says

    a couple of years ago i went as lady gaga- it was awesome! the hairbow was my favorite part 🙂

  49. says

    I made homemade “american indian” costumes several years ago for all three boys- they were so cute! now they inform me of what they want to be . . . 🙂

  50. says

    I used to be a witch like every other Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday cause I was born in October and I always loved being a witch for some reason.

  51. says

    My favorite is being a tree in fall. I dress all in brown and I use a headband that is covered in fall leaves and I pin leaves all over. It is easy to work in and it’s easy to convert to street attire.

  52. says

    I was once Roger Rabbit, that was a fun one. This year I will rock Morticia Addams – I am soooo looking forward to that one!

  53. says

    My favorite was the wind costume I wore in kindergarten, but the most memorable was the can can dancer outfit because one of the neighbors made us do the can can to get the candy! Sure would love that spider web punch … not that I like spiders! Thanks for cool giveaway.

  54. Anonymous says

    Oh nuts, I just wrote to the previous post about the Halloween costume: a guy with long hair and a beard and sandals wearing a blue satin sheet with dozens of small plastic toys (fish, boats, Barbie & Ken in swimsuits) attached to it: The Pacific Ocean. It just was beautiful, and both floated and clunked around him as he moved.

  55. Anonymous says

    My husband and I dressed up one year, him as a Ramone and me and a Ramone groupie. Black hair wigs, Ramones t-shirts, jeans and black converse. We ended up winning the best dressed because we looked awesome and nothing like our usual selves (vet tech and government worker). Oh, and the next year when we eloped we ended up using one of their songs as our wedding song!

  56. says

    My favorite one was a pretty elaborate (for a munchkin) one where I was a witch. I was probably about 5 or 6 years old. I scared my little sister. 🙂 PooknflipProductions[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Anonymous says

    My fav costume I made was “Night & her Train of Stars!” I made a big full moon mask that covered my whole face & wore a long black gown that I covered with stars cut from sticky silver diffraction paper! It was so fun yet elegant.
    I hope I win your Halloween goodies…
    LOVE your blog!

  58. says

    What fun… a giveaway, love it!
    My favorite costume, a was the Tooth Fairy :]
    As a little girl, I always wanted to catch the tooth fairy, never successful!! So, my biggest wish for Halloween was to dress up as the “tooth fairy”. My mother created a huge toothbrush for me to carry, a long with wings, and glittering teeth sewn onto my gown. I felt so special <3

  59. Anonymous says

    Thanks for doing an easy giveaway! I love to dress up for Halloween, I have too many to pick a favorite…here are some of them. Group ones, Gilligan’s Island, California raisins, and alone, Pat and Mary Catherine Gallagher from Saturday Night Live. =-) Margaret poobail(at) (your blog won’t let me login with my google account)

  60. Suzy says

    Just found your site and I think I’m in love, oh la la! So much pretty!
    Anyway, re costumes:
    I met my boyfriend (who is from my hometown) when I was away at college. We are very spooky people and Halloween is DEFINITELY our faaavorite holiday. However, it was tough to get home on the weekends. To make matters worse, my college friends would have disowned me if I bailed on our annual group costume caper (on our best year we went as human scaled tetris pieces made out of cardboard boxes…it was priceless when we all got in our boxes and fit our costumes together). So for the first three years we dated I had to tell my poor boyfriend that we would have to wait to celebrate the holiday together. It always bummed him out big time. Last year I finally finished my bachelor’s degree and moved back home for grad school. When were able to spend our first Halloween together we went all out and dressed as Morticia and Gomez Addams. We had a blast! He even carried around a cigar and I dyed my hair black for the occasion. Oddly I felt super glamorous as Tish–it was definitely my favorite costume to date!


  61. says

    My friend and I dressed up as a bug and a can of Raid…we ran around the office and I would squirt her and she would fall on floor on her back and wiggle all her legs. It was hilarious. Thans for the chance at the win..

  62. says

    I once saw a a bride covered in blood and I thought she looked fantastic!!!! If we ever start trick or treating in Australia that will be my costume 😀 although we always make a special effort to let our two little munchkins dress up on Halloween and I think they are pretty darn cute 😉
    Might have to have my own Halloween party lol

  63. Stacy says

    My Mother’s thriftiness and recycling were ingrained in us kids at a very early age. When I was little we had very little money to spend on things deemed unnecessary. Costumes were one of those things. But every year my Mother would come up with some no cost costume to make us happy. My favorite was the year I was dressed as a Hobo. I had on one of my older brothers ripped up pants that had small patches badly sewn on with the wrong colored thread. One of my Dad’s old shirts with the patch holes in it was the topper. She would smear Petroleum jelly on my cheeks and chin and smear coffee grounds on the areas for stubble. It was so easy, so fun and I got a ton of comments. And a sack full of candy to last me till Christmas!

  64. says

    Last Halloween I was 8.5 months pregnant, so I dressed up as “late in life” Elvis. The best thing about this costume was that food was considered a prop – I carried around a bucket of chicken and ate fried pickles like crazy!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Suzanne says

    Thank you for the great giveaway and your awesome blog — I visit everyday from Dollar Store Crafts.
    My favorite costume I ever wore was “LaVonne, proprietor of ‘Salon LaVonne'” — the tackiest beautician you ever saw. It was fun to set out of myself. My favorite costume I ever made was a “Blue” costume (from the TV show Blue’s Clues) for my daughter when she was 3 years. She was so cute and I was very proud of myself!
    Suzanne at we3roys(at)comcast(dot)net

  66. J Engelland says

    Wonder Woman. I loved it so much, I wore it two years in a row 🙂

    guineverekay at gmail dot com

  67. says

    My mom helped me make a dress once, kind of a simple country frock, with big patch pockets in front, long sleeves, long skirt… I stuck a straw hat on my head, grabbed a basket, and went as country girl. I am as urban as they come, so it was a very skewed interpretation of what country girls look like, but hey, I was young!

  68. says

    It really wasn’t my costume, but my daughter’s. She made the cutest raggity ann ever when she was 1 year old. I LOVED that costume!

    lanie at laniejandco dot com

  69. says

    My all time favorite Halloween costume was a Raggedy Anne doll costume my mom made for me in the 5th grade. It even had the red rag-doll wig she made with red yarn. I think I remember it so well as it was the last year we were allowed to wear Halloween constumes at school. My kids never got to wear them to school at all.


  70. says

    When I was 11 I dressed up as Sweet Pea Herman, PeeWee Herman’s sister 😀

    I wanted to be PeeWee but well, I’m a girl, so I came up with Sweet Pea. My mom & I went to the thrift store and found me a grey pinstripe jacket and skirt and we slicked up my hair. I could do the laugh but made a nametag so people would know who I was. They didn’t get it ;D

  71. says

    When my sister was pregnant her very artistic husband took took black long-johns, & painted them to look like skeletons, with hers including a “little” baby skeleton, on her big tummy!! Cutest thing I ever saw!! This is an Amazing Giveaway!! Fall is my favorite time of year, so thank you so much for a chance to win!!!

  72. Anonymous says

    A friend made a small table out of card board and taped it to her front and back…she was a …one night stand….ha! Candy (

  73. says

    Pippi Longstocking on my auburn haired 6 year old. I want her to be Pippi every year!

  74. says

    my favorite halloween costume was when me and my friend dressed up as conjoined twins

  75. says

    I have a twin sister so some years we were coordinated – the best one was when I was a nurse complete with a red cape and old-fashioned hat and she was the banged up patient. More recently I was the Red Queen and dressed my dog up as the Mad Hatter!

  76. Anonymous says

    When I was six, I was a daisy for Halloween and I though it was the prettiest costume I ever saw. I kept it in my closet for dress-up for years until only the headdress fit me.
    Hurray for sequins and green tights!

  77. says

    my favorite halloween costume ever was the year my mom dressed myself as a banana and my sister has a thing of french fries. my mom always picked weird costumes for us when we were young, but that was the best year. we still make fun of her for those choices but it created a wonderful memory!!!

  78. Anonymous says

    My favourite costume is to dress up all in white, and wear an orange/brown toque. What are you? A dirty Q-tip. Classic.

  79. says

    Last year I went as the Attack of the 50ft Zombie. I painted a skirt with skyscrapers and flames, glued army men to my shoes and painted my face like a zombie. It was so much fun.

  80. says

    One of my mom’s friends dressed up for Halloween one year as one of the ladies from The Birds. She had blood and dead birds all over her. It was pretty great!

    something frugal at yahoo dot com

  81. says

    Awesome giveaway! Fall is my favorite season & Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! My favorite costume would have to be the time my mother made me a bellydancer costume out of sheer curtains and satin. I wore a flesh colored bodysuit under it with a big red gem in my belly button. She made satin bloomers and a satin top with sheer puffy sleeves and sheer poofy pants that went over the bloomers! This was way before Princess Jasmine existed so it was a pretty original costume back then!

  82. Grace says

    I once dressed as a hershey kiss. And my mom made the costume.

  83. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love paper crafting but due to certain curcumstances I cannot afford that kind of stuff anymore. Anyways don’t pick me just for that or anything, just wanted to thank you, I know some people must be in the same boat as me.

    Anyways, my favorite costume I ever wore was when I dressed as my dog and got my dog to dress as me, so while I wore pounds of fluffy brown poodle-like faux fur and a red collar, Dessie was dressed in dog shoes, a wig, and some of my old clothes altered by my mom to fit her.

    My email is Blahx3(at)hotmail(.)ca

  84. Anonymous says

    I once dressed up as a house. I got a giant box, decorated it to look like a home made a roof out of bristol board and hotglued a barbie and ken to the porch. Now that I look at the pictures, the colouring and roof was very sad and not to well done, but I was as pround as hxll when I went out with my arms and face sticking out of cut out holes 🙂

    Thanks for doing this! Happy B-Day!

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