It’s a Floyd Colored Fall

1. Bell Peppers 2. Purple Carrots 3. Eggplants and Tomatoes

Has anyone else noticed that fall is looking a little more saturated this year?

I am seeing brighter, richer, friendlier shades of tomato red, orange, purple and green all over the stores right now. It’s a distinctive color combo and it’s EVERYWHERE this week. At first, I thought it was inspired by produce, but then I thought, Hmmm, you know, this looks a little familiar…

That’s right: Muppets y’all. It’s a muppet colored fall! That tomato red was really just a shade of Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Scarlett. But then I looked a little further and realized, well, what I’m really looking at is Floyd. 

No mistake about it, this fall is Floyd colored in and out! Huzzah. It’s about time this man came back into fashion. Long may he rein. Now if only I can convince NY Fashion Week to shine up to the idea of a Missy Piggy colored spring (Help Me Rhonda, I don’t know if I could handle it!)

Between this recent realization, the new Muppet movie AND the new album, I can hardly contain my excitement. Viva La Muppets!


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    Man do I love the way you think! Thanks for letting me add you to ‘my’ collective rainbow.

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    Love it! I want to try and make something like that. What a great idea!

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    ha this is a great post! and amazing images to go with it. i adore the muppets! do they still play the old muppet show reruns anywhere??

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    Speaking of Muppets…In an unfortunate series of events, the MP rug was GONE! Don’t worry, I was pisssssseeedddd…. But, if you can bear with me, I promise I’ll send you something even better. Glitter guaranteed!

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    I have noticed that every color is brighter in the fall…every flower is putting every ounce of energy into it’s last blooms..the last hurrah, so to speak! Love the veggies you pictured, no-one makes colors better than the Lord Himself!

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    This post made me smile… who the hell doesn’t love the muppets?

    thanks for the awesome perspective


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    Only you…. You should get up a party for the Muppet movie premiere and wear only colors of your favorite character. Did you ever make Muppet pumpkins? We used to walk RIGHT BY the office of H.A. every day on the way to nursery school in NYC. this is the most colorful post I have seen in a long time, even considering all those decorating types. Ann
    PS. I should make a Muppet Nutbird.

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    this post is the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational… this is what we call an awesome post!

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