13 September 2011

Wow. Way to ruin the moment, Cookies.

I found this bag of Born and Baked in the USA Snack Cookies in my scrap book this weekend. Yes, I realize most people keep photos in their scrap book. I keep cookies. Don’t you judge me!

Hey, you remember the days after September 11th when strangers smiled at one another and hung their flag and kept a good thought for the families of those who were lost? How people started paying attention the news for once, and international relations became a common topic of conversation? How folks hugged their kids a little tighter, and children seemed to play a little nicer?

Then, remember the weeks after September 11th when flag manufacturers in China couldn’t keep up with our demand, and companies started washing their products in patriotism just to make them sell better?

Wow. Way to ruin the moment, Cookies.



  1. Well, the package does say baked in the USA, i think it would be worse if they were made in Mexico or something and then plastered the packaging with stars and stipes. Is there a term for this yet? Patriotwashing? If something is actually made in the USA (since so many things are not) why not shout it loud and proud?

  2. wow , I like it. It is very nice.


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