The mothership calling me home


Just found out I now live less than five miles from a plastic flamingo manufacturer.

So, really, this last move was just the mother ship calling me home.

Their website has all sorts of interesting information about flamingos.

Ahem, did you know…

  • The Flamingo has little or no sense of smell.
  • The Flamingo has been known to fly up to 600km in one night (373 miles).
  • Flamingos get their color from carotenoid pigments in their food – shrimp.
  • The joint in their leg about halfway up that looks like a backward knee is actually an ankle.
  • Flamingos, like most birds, often stand on one leg to keep the foot warm and conserve body heat.
  • Flamingos are a very old species of bird that has evolved over 30 million years. Flamingos can drink hot water from geysers at temperatures that are almost boiling.

Oh Flamingos, how I love thee.

Many thanks to Abby Tusing for delivering this marvelous news!


  1. says

    I love those skel-a-mingos! Hmmm, I have about 8 pink flamingos in the basement that I got to make a chandelier (long story), but could never get it quite right, and abandoned the project. I wonder if I could paint them out as skeletons in time for Halloween? Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. says

    This news couldn’t be any more perfectly fitting or awesomely wondermous for you! So freakin cool! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  3. says

    OMG – And I thought that the only flamingo manufacturer in the country closed a year or two ago in Massachusetts! You Must get a tour and take pictures, or better yet, a video.? Can you arrange a give away? The flamingo is my daughter’s totem. She went to a concert by a band that the lead person plays a guitar in the shape of a Airstream trailer. The leader’s mother in law is the flamingo lady. She stands on stage or near the stage in flamingo decorated clothes and dances during the sets. I here by deign 2012 the Year of the Flamingo! Executive Director and Public Relations person Aunt Peaches. I wonder if they have a flamingo Christmas tree?

  4. Anonymous says

    And they dance! check out the Youtube videos. You’ll be even more enamored 🙂

  5. says

    I have a friend who has never been married and has five cats (really) – and she has a weird thing for pink flamingos…..She’ll go crazy over the fun skel-a-mingos.

    It is always fun to stop by and read your blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sam says

    I have to know more about the skel-a-mingos!! Did you make these? find these? I like flamingos, but I freaking’ LOVE the skele-mingos!!!
    Please tell!!

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