Candy Striper

Note, this post is titled Candy Striper not Candy STRIPPER. That’s a different blog folks, different blog. 

 If you didn’t notice, I like stripes. A lot. 
I’m very particular about what sort of stripe though –it’s almost like a mathematical formula…
Colored stripes of equal width with alternating white stripes = Good
Skinny stripes of varying width and color = Headache
Dull and neutral stripes paired with bright and vivid florals =  Amazeballs
It’s like science.
Candy stripes, or as my father called them “barber shop quartet stripes” are always, always good. Some folks think they should be relegated to the holiday candy canes, but I enjoy a good peppermint stripe any time of the year, on anything I can get my hands on!


  1. says

    I know what you mean. I have a thing for blue and white stripes. Once I looked in my daughter’s closet when she was about four. Most of her clothes were blue or blue and white stripes. The stripes in the American flag and serape stripes are also my favorites.

  2. Anonymous says

    I was so thrilled to see my red & white stripe paper straws featured in your candy striper blog! I was checking my shop stats in my Etsy store and saw and had to take a peek. I love your blog! I have saved you to favorites & can’t wait to see your next feature!
    Thanks so very much for including me!!
    Kind Regards, Pamela

  3. says

    I love Christmas all year long … and you’ve featured such wonderful projects! You are so funny – did you go to the “candy stripper” blog – I’m almost curious enough to go myself…

  4. says

    stripes are fabulous! I like a small amount of the varying width and colour stripes cause they make my belly feel neat. but yes, only for a little while otherwise I go bonkers.

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