Fit for a Princess: Pink Leopard Mat Board

Doesn’t every cat deserve to have their portrait painted?

Mine sure does.

So, when I saw one of my favorite artists, Katie Daisy, had painted a cat that looked *just like* Lola, I snapped at the chance to purchase a print of my own. Truth is it’s a painting of her kitty, Basil, but, shhhhhhhhhhh we will just tell Lola it is a portrait of her. She’s gonna be all kinds of pissed if I tell her there is another cat of equal magnificence and stature, and I don’t want a pillow full of cat pee.

Gorgeous as it is, the print came on a lovely yellow-beige-cream colored paper that looked strange next to the off-white mat board. So I decided to gussy it up. Initially I was going to decoupage the mat in leopard tissue, but then I thought it would look too drag queenish and might look better in pink leopard, but they just don’t make pink leopard tissue. So I painted instead.

The end result is only a sort of quasi pink leopard, but you know, Lola likes it.

Don’t you, Lola?

Don’t miss the oodles of amazing items in Katie Daisy’s printshop, The Wheatfield.



  1. Rita says

    Awww. Pretty kitty portrait…whoever it is.

  2. tracylee says

    I love her stuff! Makes me wish she’d paint a dog that somehow looks just like mine…
    I think she did a very good representation of Miss Lola, without even having met her 😉

  3. PeachesFreund says

    Yes, I am inclined to agree. Tho, I have not seen Alice and Cora so I should not draw any conclusions (I’ll bet they are adorable!)…but I doubt my overwhelming kitty bias can be persuaded here. She is rather magnificent. And she would bite off my toe if I said otherwise.


  4. says

    Awww. Look at her there with her ‘portrait’. For being the queen bee, she’s standing so sweetly!


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