The House of the White Buffalo

Kiki gave me a giant white cardboard buffalo for Christmica.

This is awesome because

  1. I adore taxidermy. It’s weird and unfashionable and it creeps out my guests, but there is something about creature parts that make me feel at home. Is that weird? Yeah, that’s weird.
  2. It’s cardboard and feels like a modern twist on Montana Cabin Chic, which, btw, when is this look coming back? I for one am anxiously awaiting the return of the bolo.
  3. He looks great hanging on the thin band of pale pink I have in the dining room. Buffalo + Pink = Fabulous. Who knew?   
  4. He’s a buffalo. Enough said. 
  5. I can now fulfill my childhood fantasy of living in a home with a cool name like Green Gables or Twelve Oaks or Netherfield Park; my home shall be called The House of the White Buffalo. You like? It’s very Dances with Wolves minus the scene when Kevin Kostner shows his butt.  Holy crap that was a good movie.


  1. The Thrillz says

    My house, too, is a place that can sometimes creep people out. My collection of ram and bird sculls, mannequin heads and taxidermy eyes are always great conversation starters, though, for those that don’t run screaming.

  2. Amanda Ceccarelli says

    I have an inherited taxidermy bird. It is awesome. Even more so for the personal connection (“What do you mean it’s weird, it was my grandfathers! I couldn’t possibly get rid of it!”).

  3. Kim says

    I assume, of course, that you have watched American Stuffers on Animal Planet – a show about a family of taxidermists. Oh yes it is!

  4. Michele says

    Lo and I were just talking about Dances With Wolves. What a great movie. (Dammit Kevin Costner! Make another good movie, will ya? I don’t care if you’re old. Heck, so am I. Just make another good movie.)

    The House of the White Buffalo. Rocks, that name does.

  5. Kara DeCarlo says

    There was a stag’s head like this for sale at the Victoria & Albert museum in London and I wanted it so badly, but not badly enough to buy an extra seat on the airplane.

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