You can’t procrastinate sequins

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

It’s temporary. Nothing to worry about, although, it is enough to make the world seem a little heavier than usual.  It feels like my head is going to explode.

Yes, I should combat this by making lists of priorities and remember what is important. Quit procrastinating, set my head down and get the work done. I should also remember to take time for myself…take a quick winter walk, make a friendly phone call, or enjoy a delicious bubble bath…

Instead, today, I have chosen to spend nearly an hour arranging silver sequin sprays in a sculpted head.

And now it officially looks like my head is exploding.

Anyone out there have tips for combating procrastination? Feel free to share. I’m all ears (and sequins).


  1. Julieptc says

    I use the grandma endorsed “chicken peck” method. If there is a large task such as cleaning a closet, I go in there and just do 5 things and leave. I come back later and do 5 more things and leave. Pretty soon you have “pecked” away at it until it is done.

  2. Kara DeCarlo says

    Put on music.
    Turn off computer, phone, and doorbell.

    Then when it’s done, reward yourself with chocolate or cheetos.

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