Kitchen Chronicle: Spoons

Did you know that ice cream tastes better on a pink spoon?

Well it does.

I have been collecting miniature rainbow spoons in a baby food jar for years with the specific intention of pairing them with certain foods; pink spoons = ice cream, green spoons = peanut butter, yellow spoons = yoghurt…and so on. Sadly, it would appear that purple spoons do not go well with anything.

Sorry purple spoons.



  1. PeachesFreund says

    You might be right. Beans, that is.

  2. Michelle L. says

    Love your spoon photo – just lovely!

    Would purple spoons pair well with a blackberry buckle? (I love the idea of the beans, too!)

  3. Ninabobina says

    Purple = Nutella, imo
    (my mind equates eating something decadent as requiring a royal color)
    but refried beans sound good to me, too (with extra cheese!)

  4. Garrison/GeeDubDub says

    Purple spoons blend flavored sweet coffees better than ice picks which also don’t work with ice cream. My favorite camping utensil is my purple spoon.

  5. Charlene says

    I vote for saving the purple spoons for coke flavored slurpees!

  6. ALittleJunkinmyTrunk says

    Wait a minute! Blueberry cobbler. Done.

  7. says

    Don’t give up on the purple spoons just yet? Maybe they’re picky and require a specific flavor? Perhaps Nutella?

  8. Rita says

    Hey! I like that. I want colored spoons for my grandkids ice cream

  9. Mrs. Plank says

    This is so funny because my 3 year old INSISTS on choosing her own spoon for each meal. And they are just like these. I will say she uses the purple spoons regularly. But says that she doesn’t like the color purple. In denial??? Also, we have bowls and plates that match our spoons. Is that overshare???

  10. says

    This is adorable, but I don’t believe in using plastic cutlery/plates/bowls when eating at home. Can’t explain it, it’s just not right.

  11. Katz says

    Purple spoons go perfectly well with rice pudding. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

  12. Michelle Harrison says

    I like the idea of using the purple spoon to dip out Marionberry preserves on a fresh, hot waffle. Or a muffin, I am not biased one way or another.

  13. says

    How about cookie dough? Chocolate chip cookie dough. As a person with a purple purse, purple phone, purple glasses _and_ a purple car, I should think that purple spoons go with everything

  14. Lori Fischer says

    I’ve done a lot of thinking on this and I’ll say the perfect pairing for the purple spoon is lemon sorbet. Take my word for it. Perfect.


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