Wrapping Paper Statement Wall

If I had to guess, I would say 30% of the people I know have a room in their house with a big empty wall.

And not empty like Let’s Embrace Our Buddhist Calm Space empty, I mean empty like Dude Don’t Distract From My Totally Awesome Big-As-A-Car Television With That Thing You Bought At Marshall’s empty.

Back when we all had square TV’s we would put them in entertainment centers or sandwich them between bookshelves, but now that flat screens are all the rage, they usually end up sitting on a narrow credenza on the largest wall in the room. You probably know somebody with a similar set up. Let me guess, it looked like this:

The TV above belongs to Kiki, who would like to everyone who read last Friday’s post to know “I DID NOT REJECT YOUR PURSE. TELL THEM I AM A NICE PERSON. TELL THEM!!” …which I can confirm: Kiki is a nice person. She just prefers boring purses. Thank goodness she does not feel the same way about her walls (or this post would be really boring).

So, Kiki wanted to snazz her  TV situation but couldn’t find the right fit. Big art just competed with the screen and little art just looked too dinky next to machinery and heavy wooden credenza. It wasn’t a good choice for an accent paint wall, and wallpaper was out of the question….

So we went to Paper Source. Found a couple of sheets of Japanese wrapping paper and put them in them in two simple Ikea frames laying around the house. It looked like this:

Dinky. Nice, but still not big enough to balance the heavy TV and the giant expanse of empty wall around it. So we went back to Paper Source, found the most awesome floral gift wrap ever, and back to Ikea for more frames. Then we got to work:

If you are the fancy type, I would suggest using spray adhesive and an exacto knife to adhere each piece of wrapping paper to the cardboard, making sure the pattern seams match between each frame. But since neither Kiki or I are fancy, we just folded each piece and slapped on some masking tape. This ain’t rocket science.

Originally, we planned on hanging these with 2″ gap between the frames creating more of a grid. That idea was ditched because some of the frames were slightly warped –not enough to notice on their own, but to stick out like a sore thumb in a grid formation. Also, if you are doing this project, I suggest hammering right through the frame as to avoid any wiggle room that comes with using picture wire.

Be sure to use a level, especially if you are using cheapo frames with wonky/warped edges. You will be staring at this wall every time you watch TV –if these are not hung straight, you will notice the imperfections every single time you look at that wall. This process will require some patience. I suggest working along to a movie that will periodically demand your attention in ways that will require frequent breaks. Tonight at the cinema: Brigadoon. 

And that’s it. Now stand back and admire your work!

 Who would have thunk a few cheapo frames and some wrapping paper would make such a big difference?

Yentl, Kiki’s cat, who has very discerning taste, offered her seal of approval. Thanks, Yenni 🙂

PS: On the topic of home decor –any Apartment Therapy folks out there? Apparently I am up for the 2012 Homies. Take a second and vote for me, wouldya? And while you are over there, click around and see what other folks are doing –I just found ten new blogs to follow. Cool beans!


  1. says

    Supa dupa clever. I have sheets of my vintage Christmas wrapping paper framed that I bust out each December, but never considered making some of stash of kitschy paper a year round decor option. I just featured the project on the BlogHer DIY page.

  2. Peach Powell says

    You’re awesome.

    This would also make for a nifty headboard.

  3. kelly gibson says

    dang! that’s nice.

  4. tracylee says

    1) looks fantastic!
    2) lovvvee Kiki’s rug
    3) voted for you on AT 🙂

  5. Jfrey33 says

    Where is your TV stand from?

  6. PeachesFreund says

    Thanks Tracy! Yeah — it is great rug, isn’t it?

  7. PeachesFreund says

    She will be glad to hear it! She likes you, you know. I let her wear your earrings for a photoshoot…stay tuned!

  8. Michelle L. says

    Ooh, great idea for MASSSSIVE art! Looks beautiful, you two – and I never did doubt Kiki’s niceness.

  9. PeachesFreund says

    I was thinking that too! (about the headboard 🙂

  10. Adrienneaudrey says

    sweet. Now I know what to do with the big empty wall in my laundry room. Thanks!

  11. says

    I cannot stand bare walls either, cover cover cover! Great statement wall!

  12. Fruitey_girl says

    That’s sweet! I just solved the very same problem but in a different way. I have been living with that blank space wondering what I was going to do to it for a year or two now lol. I have gorgeous origami paper that would have been nice done like that, wonder why I never thought of it?!

    I decided to make that big blank wall my kids’ art wall instead though. It is their gallery space now and we love it!

    Well , anyway, right on Kiki. You can always change the print if you get bored or decide to indulge in small children. : ) Thanks for the post Peaches!

    ~Jenn in the Grove (Oregon)

  13. judy h. says

    Love the wall! What a creative and fun solution to a problem that can plague many a room. And…it’s changeable, so I can change it out whenever the mood suits or the walls get painted. COOL!

  14. Melisa says


  15. says

    It never occurred to me to hammer right through the frames. Which means, even in Earthquake Country, I can do this above our bed. Woohoo!!

    • aunt peaches says

      For sure! A lot of hotel rooms nail right into the wall too — you would never know!

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