20 March 2012

Craft Fail: Hunger Games Mockingjay

I was so psyched to make something fun to wear to The Hunger Games on Friday. I thought I was sooooooooo clever making a pin out of puff paint. Ha! Because, not only am I nerdy enough to puff paint my own movie themed jewelry, I am nerdy enough to wear it when it.

Even when it looks like this.

It was supposed to look like Katniss' golden mocking jay pin but it came out looking like someone stepped on a glittered tater tot. 



  1. dude, that's totally a mockingjay!

  2. Peaches: I respectfully disagree with your premise. It is adorable and you need to wear it!

  3. The pin looks marvelous! I just loooove cheesey tater tots!

  4. I promise I am not laughing at you, but... BAHAHAHA. No, seriously, I love you for making this and wearing it to the theater. It gives the rest of us craft-failers something to identify with. :) Good on you!


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