Top Five Pinterest Peeps

Half of everyone I know has joined Pinterest in the last 60 days. I guess that makes it a big deal, right?

Everyone likes to pin different stuff (some more than others), but when I ask my Pinterest newbie friends how they like it, most of them tell me they don’t really get it, “It’s a good idea for storing stuff, but I don’t see how people are getting lost in all these ‘great pins’ or whatever. What’s that about? Is there a secret club I don’t know about?”

And then I tell them “Yes. There is a secret club. We all got together and decided to swap ideas and count you out. No one thought you would catch on this fast. Whoops.”
And then I tell them the real secret: You need to follow good people. 
And not just random friends you found through facebook. No. You need some serious Pin Pals.
‘Cause here is the thing: 90% of the people using Pinterest are using it in passing, and that’s fine, but your feed will never fill with great stuff if you have to seek out new pin content every time. Instead, be lazy: follow good people and they will find all the good stuff for you.

If you can find ten good Pin Pals Pinterest will become like an an amazing new magazine every time you log in AND YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE.

So, for anyone who needs a kick start, I’m going to let you in on my Top Five Must Follow Pinners:

Mind you, I picked these five pinners based on the things that draw me too Pinterest (read: where I spend the most time). If you are on Pinterest seeking low cal recipes or coupons or tax advice, well, you might need to look elsewhere (read: I am the last person to make a qualified recommendation).  

PS: Reminder: You are not expected to know someone in person in order to follow them. All you do is click the big red button at the top that reads “Follow.” You can follow fashion editors, product manufacturers, designers, celebrities… get a glimpse at what is inspiring them.

PPS: If anyone needs a Pinterest invite, send me an email: emailauntpeaches (at)

PSPS: Who are your favorite Pin Pals? Feel free to make recommendations comments. 



  1. says

    Thanks for sharing! I found a lot of new pins and inspiration 🙂

  2. Judy says

    I started finding people to follow by just pinning things I was interested in on a consistent basis. Eventually people started repinning my pins. When someone repins something from me (especially if they repin several things or follow one or more of my boards) I check them out and if I like what they are pinning I follow their boards that interest me. I figure if they repinned something of mine we must have at least some similar interests and/or styles. I also follow people whose blogs I follow or that others that I follow repin from. It didn’t take long until I was finding lots of fun and inspirational ideas to pin.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing! Just one point of clarification – the link labeled Jessica goes to someone called Yomisma Quevistoycalzo which is also great, but possibly not “Jessica”…

  4. nutbirds says

    You are a trickster! Which is the coyote in Native American Lore. I didn’t get this email until Tuesday morning. But yesterday, my followers increased a great deal. I thought it was because of my thoughtful, interesting pins. Then I saw your email and was disappointed because I wasn’t on the list. Was I wrong! Now I have to get busy and re-catagorize things and work on some boards. Thank you, thank you. I feel like one of the popular kids. Snazztastic.


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