25 June 2012

Badass Embroidery

What ever happened to the days when women were praised for possessing things like wide hips and a wicked embroidery sampler?

Ladies, we need to unite and bring these virtues back in vogue!

Who is with me?

Who is too lazy to learn embroidery and is fine with buying badass samplers online?
     Double yesss!

Let's see what is new in  the world embroidery:

 Kayne West Tweet | Sarah Palin | Sam the Eagle |  I'll see you in Hell | Laser Cats Greeting Card

Don't you just love it when old trends come full circle?


  1. My Happy Day was when Martha Stewart made sewing and furniture refinishing legitimate. I have been doing those things all my life, usually from boredom, or need, and was always patronized or sniggered at. It is really easy to embroider. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's just a better version of those shoe lace cards from kindergarten. Did you know there is a thing called outsider toile? You take a piece of toile and embroider a funny or unrelated thing right in the pattern. I still have a map of the US to embroider, so I probablywon't be doing Sarah Palin, or Liberace.

  2. ohmeohmy. i am actually the owner of the sam the eagle hoop!

    he's hanging in my living room, by my front door, greeting visitors with his adorable glare.

    he's right next to my mr. t cross stitch that says "i pity the fool."

  3. Hee! All of these made me laugh! I am just that person - wide of hip and unable to embroider...but loving the trend.

  4. Yes! You're so funny! =0)

  5. i fully embrace the trend of wide, birthing hips and embroidering! i like to embroider coloring pages. it's a quick craft that occupies me for a few hours and i am fairly quickly gratified. plus, it bedazzles the ladies and steals the scene ;)

  6. And you can do it while you sit in front of the TV, or ride in the car, or in the waiting room at the doctor's office.

  7. I have found that a lot of things I get sniggered at for tend to turn out to be trendy later, or at least way more useful and gratifying than the sniggerer. Sniggers are comfort food to me now.

  8. I've embroidered most of my life, though my style has changed through the years and I no longer do other people's patterns. Right now, I make little coffins. I don't think Darcy would approve. As to my hips, they are wide enough.

  9. Coming late to this party, just found your bodacious blog. Did a cross stitch (my own design) that said "Living well is the best revenge". Framed it, ended up giving it to a co-worker who had just been taken through the meat grinder and to the cleaners by a divorce from the Wife from Hell. He needed it more than I.


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