Tummy Dance

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Miss Lolabelle is doing her tummy dance all day long — a sure sign of hot weather. Poor thing spends the winter clinging to warm spots, then summer comes and she struggles to let go of her heat under all that fur. Golly, it must be hard to be that beautiful.

Lola isn’t the only one of the floor this weekend. I’m going to be down on my knees scraping the paint off the back porch. Wish me luck!

Happy weekend 🙂


  1. says

    I totally reproduce this decorative feature in ginger, tricolour, black & white, skinny black and scruffy black all over my humble abode whenever it gets a tad warmer than baltic around here. But all those feature won’t let me tummykiss. Back to vendor. Now, get scrubbing!

  2. nutbirds says

    Isn’t she gatoring? Where is the Friday flower?

  3. ajp2020 says

    My long haired beauties are lying on my brick fireplace or my hardwood floors to stay cool, also in the shade (or under the bed). They know how to stay cool. I try to keep the fans in their directions too… never worrying about me. Have fun on the back porch. I pray you have a cool breeze.

  4. Smith78412 says

    I used to have my long-haired kitty Inky shaved for the summer. She loved it, although it did reveal how big her belly had gotten 🙂

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