Mrs. Roper Called

Mrs. Roper just called. She wants her puka shell plant hanger back.

Sorry Mrs. Roper: Finders keepers, losers weepers.


This weekend, while Mrs. Roper was getting busy with Mr. Roper, Jack, Janet and Chrissy down at the Regale Beagle, I was rummaging through a roadside junk shop and discovering all manners of treasure, including this bad boy. Big as a fourth grader. I was hesitant at first, but now that it’s home I’m confident it is the best $30 I have spent in a long time.

OK, yes, I realize that puka shell plant hangers have not been considered “on trend” since the Carter administration (as demonstrated over on my Facebook page over the weekend), but how could I say no? I mean seriously, where else are you going to buy ten berjillion puka shells for $30? Not that I would ever have the heart to take it apart. I mean, just think of the man hours to string a necklace, much less a GIANT PLANT HANGER. It would have haunted me if I had not brought it home. I just couldn’t say no. I love late 1970’s kitsch like a fat kid loves cake. Now all I need is to find a place. My ceilings are fairly tall, but the scale on this could be challenging. I’ll either convert it to a bed side chandelier or give it back to Mrs. Roper before she starts calling about my caftans.


  1. says

    I’d have bought that straight away, and if I knew where you live I’d burgle your place. Amen. I wouldn’t know where to hang it in my house (let alone “garden”, but that would not stop me, either. Take it apart? Erm… HELL no.
    Where do you live again?

  2. kelly gibson says

    ooh, bedside chandelier!?!? that sounds amazing.

  3. Leah Martin says

    Oh, girl! I have been wanting one of those bad boys since we went down to a puka shell chandelier/planter super store a few years ago on our way to the beach! Good news for me- we are heading down to FL the end of this week and we all know shell decor like that bad boy you got your hands on, has not and will not ever go out of style for Floridians. Score! I can’t wait to see what you do with it! :]

  4. celine boyer says

    i’m so excited to see what you will do ! so cool !

  5. Lidsas40 says

    We have a neighbor with one of these hanging in their backyard from an arbor. They put some kind of light in it that must have a multi-colored lense as every night it glows a different color. It looks beautiful and they light it year round. We love to look out every night to see what color it is.

  6. nutbirds says

    How about putting it on the back “sun porch?”

  7. Slverria says

    I bought one of those bad boys when I was in Hawaii about 15 years ago. Paid 45 bucks for it and bought 2 smaller ones for 30 each. That was back in the day you could take extra suitcases. I had to buy a new one just to take them all home! I wired the big one for a lamp. They hung on my patio holding plants until they fell apart. Now they are only a lovely memory.

  8. says

    Yay! So glad you got this treasure! They are getting harder to find at a reasonable price….the last one humom bought was off of Ebay, a 6 footer for $100 plus shipping~! Can’t wait to see a pic of it in your bedroom!

  9. says

    Could you make it into a bedside table? Get a circle of wood in there on the bottom layer, a lamp above?

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