13 December 2012

Stay Classy, Double-Stick

There are people in this world who say, "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies."

I am not one of them. 

If one of them should find themselves on my gift list this year, well, they’ll have to suck it up and get ready for a big ol’ smooch. I have a big glittery batch of herpes with their name all over it. Literally.  

First I wrap the gift with irritating precision, then spell their name in doublet sick tape. 

A little glitter...a little dust off with a feather..a little boom. Done!

A little leopard print….a little glitter...herpes…Merry Christmas!

Stay classy, double-stick.


  1. Oh this post gave me the laugh I needed today, thank you!

  2. Ok I wouldn't go so far as to say herpes....but I'm not the biggest fan of glitter. HOWEVER, this is so cute. So simple. Brilliant maybe. Happy Holidays Auntie. ^^

  3. Effing genius, Peaches.

  4. Wow! Love it! If I got a gift like that I would carefully unwrap it and frame it!

  5. I have a plastic bin for craft supplies, full of JUST glitter... now you have me considering re-labeling to "Herpes"

    on another thought... I have yet to get any black glitter.. think it's possible to use your double-sided tape trick to make glitter zebra stripes on something? [zebra is to me what leopard is to you :) ]

  6. meyer-imports.com has black German glass glitter. It is very impressive. A trick is to buy two different sizes, such as 80 grit and 100 grit and mix them. Provides a lot of depth. Glitter zebra stripes....what's next, giraffe spots? Send pictures.

  7. This is why I looove your blog, it's covered in glitter, I might steal this idea for my gifts all year long. Thank you for sharing your genius ideas, when I grow up I want to be like you, don't mind that I am older than you already lol have a great end of year.

  8. Haha. I'm glad some of this stuff will come in handy ;)

  9. I wouldn't mind a bit ol' herpes kiss if it came in glitter form on a present? no siree!


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